What we do

Who do we work with?

We work directly with hotels, interior designers, procurement and private clients to fulfil a whole range of book briefs. Our years of experience working within these different sectors has prepared us for the different challenges each client faces.

Hotels and Resorts

We work closely with management and front of house staff to create book collections that will act as an amenity for any hotel and will be engaged with by guests for years to come.

Interior Designers

We can work directly with your clients or communicate through you to create a bespoke book collection that will fit any brief. No matter how large or small, we are happy to work to any budget.

Private Clients

We understand the importance of a personal library and we work closely with individuals to create the perfect book collection for any space in your home.


With years of experience working to specific FF&E budgets and tight deadlines, we are happy to supply book collections for any project and can even offer training for hotels on how to utilise their new libraries as an amenity long after the procurement process .

What types of book collections can we provide?

We can provide a variety of book collections to suit any location or brief. Whether your looking for an authentic vintage leather library or a modern reading collection, we have can supply books to suit every collection.

Suite Collections

These can come in curated sets, or a blend of titles to suit the chosen aesthetic.

These titles are chosen to reflect both the local area and brand values of the hotel – they tend to include a mix of reading and illustrated titles, ideal to dip into before bed.

“Hotels may be giving a lot of attention to upgrading in-room technology, but a handful are going the old-fashioned amenity route: creating in-room libraries.” – An Amenity You Can Curl Up With,  Shivani Vora, New York Times

Spa Collections

The Ultimate Spa collection is designed to complement your range of spa treatments and inform and educate on all areas of wellbeing and healthy living. It can form part of the core library or live in the Spa reception.

Restaurant Collections

In our restaurant collection we can add a sense of colour to the area, as well as providing interesting titles on any cuisine from our food and wine category that will reflect the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Children’s Collections

The Children’s Collection includes a range of titles, from contemporary works to well-loved classics. We also offer children’s welcome activity books, which can be presented to younger guests upon arrival.

Gifts for Guests

We can also recommend and supply a particular title to be given to guests on their departure or arrival, as either a parting or welcoming gift. These can be lovely keepsakes for guests, something that will always remind them of their stay and encourage them to come back. We can also brand these to any particular hotel for an extra personal touch.

Where do we work?

Ultimate Library has supplied book collections all over the world. From tiny Islands in the Maldives to huge cities in Asia, we have the perfect reading list for every location. Our international experience means that we are able to find the best method of shipment for every location and we have an extensive knowledge on the best titles that will help to create a sense of place that reflects the area.

Why does a book collection matter?

Our bespoke book collections leave a lasting impression on guests and have a great impact on their overall experience of a hotel. It’s small extras like room books and library spaces within a hotel that can make a guests stay extra special and many of our libraries are highly praised in guest feedback received by hotels.

Another Place Hotel, Lake District

Old Bank Hotel, Oxford

LUX South Ari Atoll, Maldives

Karma St Martins, Scilly Isles 

We participated in a three month trial across three sites for an international hotel group, placing bespoke book collections and information cards in rooms, corridors and other public spaces to see if this increased guest’s awareness of the ‘local story’ and the visual impact and relevance of books.

Key findings – Guest feedback

  • 85% awareness of curated collection – “added to the overall experience”
  • 94% said it was an excellent / good idea – “homely” “warm and welcoming”
  • 45% actively engaged, browsed or read the books
  • Guest perception of the the brand as “unique” increased significantly
  • Guest perception of what made the “local area unique” increased from 50-83%
  • Overall guest satisfaction jumped 23 percentage points


How does the process work?

We will ask you a series of questions including shelf measurements, ideal content and aesthetic goals before we start curating your collection so that we can create something that perfectly reflects your vision. We can work to a colour brief, content brief or both. Once the book collection has been curated and approved we can visit the site and install the collection for you. In addition, we offer on-site training for property staff on how to advertise and maintain the Library.