“During a recent stay at the lovely Yeatman hotel in Porto, I immediately felt more at home in my room because it was furnished with a wonderful assortment of books about Porto and Portugal. One of the most wonderful amenities any hotel can offer is an intelligently selected library” “Even though the growing popularity of Kindles and iPads may soon doom these luck-of-the-draw book corners to extinction, I’d much rather find a shelf-load of well-chosen books in a hotel than a room service menu for cats, or a hang-card on its flower-arranging courses. For many busy people, travel offers the rare luxury of time to read, and one of the most wonderful amenities any hotel can offer is an intelligently selected library.”

Andrew Harper, Hideaway Report, guest at Yeatman hotel in Portugal

“Ultimate Library has had a profound impact on the quality of the libraries at Six Senses. We now regularly receive praise for the quality of our Resort libraries.”

Sonu Shivdasani, Founder of Soneva Resorts and Six Senses Spas and Resorts

“We are delighted with our Library in the hotel.  It is a wonderful collection of books and it is very well received and used by our guests both residents and locals.  You often see guest’s curled up oblivious to what going on around them with their head stuck in a great book!  People talk to each other on twitter about their latest “find” in our collection.  Many of our guests comment on trip advisor how much our Library enhances their stay with us.”

Fiona Moores, General Manager, Hotel Du Vin

“I thought it was perfect! well done.”

Brian Williams, Deputy Chairman Swire Hotels, on Hotel Du Vin Library


“I came across an Ultimate Library 18 months ago at a hotel in Cheltenham and stood looking at a wall of books in the lobby area and gradually realised that it wasn’t your average hotel book selection. My husband and I ended up spending a chunk of our Sunday morning delving into the selection and considered the Ultimate Library the greatest attraction of what was a very nice hotel! I run a school library of 24,000 books and spend a lot of time scrutinising bookshelves. You get used to looking for a clever or innovative selection of books to suit a particular purpose – and I have never seen it done quite so effectively as in that hotel. It was a delight.”

Sally Oram, Guest at Hotel Du Vin

“The Ultimate Library team have been indispensable partners in the process of making The Ampersand what it is today. With a heavy emphasis on contemporary cosmopolitan design, it was essential for us to work with a service provider who could understand and stay true to our identity whilst creating an additional desirable experience for our guests; in this case a dedicated library. Recognising the rare-found pride in attention to detail that distinguishes the hotel and plays such a central role in creating the unique ambience of the property, Ultimate Library used this as a platform to inform their bespoke approach whilst also tapping into the rich cultural and educational heritage of the hotel’s location. From the first visit to the property, to discussion about our brand positioning, sense of context and guest demographic, the Ultimate Library team has curated an inspiring, educational and entertaining collection of books that captures the personality of the hotel and space within the property. Their on-going counsel and contact, maintained though their seasonal update service, ensures that our book collection is in tune with the ever changing trends of one of the world’s most cutting edge cities.”

Roberto Pajares, General Manager , The Ampersand

“I recently had the chance of staying at the gorgeous Ampersand Hotel. A dream hotel, very design led, with fascinating botanic illustrations. The rooms were equally luxurious. Yet, hotels, no matter how beautiful, can sometimes feel a little cold, a little impersonal, especially if you have been traveling a lot, going from one o the other. But on the desk was a book, The Poetry of Birds. I can still picture the cover, the feel of the pages. I sat down and read and smiled. By this book alone, the room felt different, more like home. It suddenly had a soul, you see a personality. Somehow, the book suddenly defined it, made it come alive. I associated the emotions created by the poems to the place I was sitting, superposing two universes that matched perfectly. Yes, this book transformed the experience completely. It is still the most touching detail I remember from The Ampersand. The touch that mattered…”

Coral Grassin, Author of teatimeinwonderland.com blog, guest at The Ampersand

“We were so pleased with the bespoke collection of books Ultimate Library curated for Angama Mara. Many of our guests have enjoyed reading the various titles and often remark on how wonderful it is to have access to interesting books that otherwise wouldn’t have been thought of. The books are such a great alternative amenity for the guests to enjoy, as they really provide that extra bit of thoughtfulness, that extra touch of luxury. We couldn’t recommend Ultimate Library’s services more.”

Nicky Fitzgerald, Angama Mara Owner