St Barths, The Caribbean

Eden Rock is an ultraluxe resort set in a spectacular oceanside location on the French speaking Caribbean island of Saint Barths. The resort is a part of the exclusive Oetker Collection, which hosts a worldwide portfolio of luxury hotels, estates and villas. Ultimate Library were asked to select titles that would reflect the island’s location, appeal to their guest demographic, and echo the brand identity of the resort. 

We provided over 1,000 illustrated and reading titles for the themed suites and public spaces on topics such as film, local history, art, fashion, world photography, the sea and island living. In addition to these titles, we also curated a small selection of children’s books for families staying on the island. 

In order to honour the culture of the Caribbean, we installed a copy of the latest Rihanna book, to add a touch of luxury and style whilst honouring the heritage of the area. As well as curating both reading and illustrated books for public spaces, we were also asked to provide books for each of the resort’s themed suites – including bygone Hollywood stars such as Greta Garbo and Howard Hughes.