Paris, France

In the heart of Montmartre this hotel known as ‘the artists residence’ was formerly home to Dali, Matisse and Renoir and, after extensive renovations, its interiors now resemble these artists’ ‘loges.’ They wanted us to create four different collections for the hotel: in the main library, the billiard room, the restaurant and the coffee stand.

Each of these four collections had four different themes. In the main library it was important to create a sense of place so we had a mixture of French and English books and had coffee table books at eye level and paperback books at the top, with titles on Paris, fashion, art, architecture, biographies and literary classics. In the billiard room we had entertainment titles on sport and activities, and in the coffee stand section we placed engaging illustrated titles. For the restaurant we designed an illustrated collection of titles on French food, food from around the world, and the chef lifestyle, these would always be on display on the counter and served also add a sense of colour to the room.