Lausanne, Switzerland

The Royal Savoy resides only a short walk from Lake Geneva in Switzerland, in the heart of Lausanne. In 2010 it underwent an intense refurbishment project, and now represents the best of luxury travel and style. Ultimate Library was tasked with working with the Burgenstock Selection to create a selection of books for their new Cigar Lounge.

From the mock up images of the Cigar Lounge and its bookcases we were able to estimate exactly how many books and what kind of look and feel the hotel would need. We decided to fill the top shelves with modern cloth classics as no guests would be reading them, so it was purely for aesthetic purposes. On the lower shelves the books were chosen in a blend of English, French and German to fit in with the guest demographic of local Swiss holiday makers and international tourists. The titles were both for reading and reference, with some large illustrated books added in, all designed to capture the surrounding Swiss location and culture. The books met the theme of the Cigar Lounge, with books on fine wines, fine food, fashion, luxury pursuits, travel and of course a good selection of the best cigar anthologies.