British Virgin Isles

Located off the eastern tip of Virgin Gorda, Oil Nut Bay is a private Island that offers villa rentals and freehold property ownership. The island is complete with it’s own Marina village.

Ultimate Library were asked to curate the perfect collection of books for a library in the Marina Village where guests could take a break from the hot sun and relax in a tranquil and cool space. We worked closely with the Oil Nut Bay team to come up with design concepts that would work with the resorts aesthetic.

We settled on a nautical chic vibe with accents that reflect the island, for example, the circular shaped book shelves which represent the Oil Nut. We also recommended a set of shelves that guests could use as a book exchange. Leaving behind well-read books that they’d enjoyed and taking anything other guests had also left. The space features a range of hardback reading titles including fiction and non-fiction and some beautifully illustrated coffee table books for guests to browse.