Zuri Zanzibar is a luxury hotel and resort located in the north of Zanzibar, the famously serene island off the east coast of Tanzania. The resort is situated on an unspoilt stretch of coastline and overlooks the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean. As a member of the Design Hotels, Zuri boasts modern and intimate interiors. However, the hotel also maintains a strong sense of pride in its location, with the natural environment of Zanzibar clearly in mind throughout the décor of the resort.

The Jestico + Whiles designed bungalows and villas craftily blend a contemporary design aesthetic with traditional African and Asian features, in order to reflect and complement the landscape of northern Zanzibar. The gardens that sprawl between the luxury villas have the same sense of location in mind. Designed by Ferdinand Leffler to reflect a traditional African village, there is an emphasis on thatched roofs, palm trees, and lots of greenery which acts to lend privacy to guests.

The hotel has not only linked a strong sense of place to their interior and garden design, as a business, they also champion sustainability, individuality and authenticity as their main tenets. Their focus on attention to detail is echoed throughout the resort, which is adorned with special touches that aim to enhance the experiences of their guests during their stay. For example, the spice garden is notable as an immersive extra which gives guests an intriguing glimpse into Zanzibar’s long-standing spice trading history.

Therefore, Zuri Zanzibar were eager to enlist Ultimate Library to curate a bespoke collection of books and films for their resort in order to add a special touch of creativity. In order to do this, Zuri were keen to have us put together a large DVD library to intensify the experiences of their guests, with a collection that comprises of over 500 film titles from multiple different genres across the last century.

Zuri particularly chose to have both a film and DVD library in order to foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all of their guests. In our libraries, films often work alongside books to allow guests to feel at home in resorts and hotels, as well as encouraging those staying to engage with cultural and artistic pursuits. Our clients will be the first to note that guests who are welcomed with a library as a centrepiece in their hotel are always overjoyed to find familiar literary titles in our collections, and with a film library it is no different.

How can a film library help to enhance the experience of guests? Film can allow people to escape for a couple of hours, or it can give partners or families the opportunity to share special moments during their stay. A television box set will allow for guests to unwind and relax, or they might enjoy the suspense of a contemporary crime drama. For children, a film library is often indispensable as it gives families the opportunity to pick a DVD from the shelves to share together before bedtime. On a more cultural level, our specially selected films, documentaries and series will allow guests to gain a greater sense of place in their new surroundings.

For this collection, we chose a broad array of titles to reflect the dynamic of customers who stay at Zuri Zanzibar. One of the best ways of curating this sort of DVD library is by looking back at the some of the best films by decade. With Zuri, we carefully selected around 30 films per decade from the 1960s onwards to create a wide and diverse library tailored to the needs of any avid film fanatic.

Alongside films chosen by decade, we also included prize winning films from the last century. Prominent in the selection were titles that won the Oscar for Best Film and Best Foreign Film, the Palme D’or at Cannes, the Grand Jury Prize and the Best Film at the Venice Film Festival. Having this calibre of film in the collection will not only encourage the artistically minded guests to browse the library, but it also offers an opportunity for all of the guests at the resort to get their hands on a film they might have never had the chance to see before.

Finally, as Zuri takes pride in its beautiful location, we included a bespoke collection of films, documentaries and series that reflected the landscape of Zanzibar. In all of our locations, we find that guests really benefit from gaining a deeper insight into their destination by delving into one of our libraries. Whether this was an important wildlife documentary such as, Africa: The Serengeti, or something which details the political landscape of Africa such as, Invictus.

Film libraries are a hugely important and effective way to create a sense of soul in any resort or hotel, something that is clear from our experience working with Zuri Zanzibar. We curated this selection of films with the location in mind, using a combination of contemporary, classic and place-specific content to ensure that there was something there for everyone to enjoy. Our libraries of both books and films, reflect the atmosphere of Zuri which is centred on vibrancy, warmth and imagination.