World Book Day, for us at Ultimate Library, is Christmas, birthdays, Friday nights and sunny mornings all rolled into one ginormous celebration of what we love… books, books and more books!

Therefore, it would have been remiss of us not to celebrate such a hallowed occasion.

Cue the World Book Day Ultimate Library book drop – a treasure hunt to rival all treasure hunts, with a prize to make Long John Silver question his quest for a trove of gold and riches.

Picture this, if you will, nine copies of David Long’s spectacularly quirky Bizarre London hidden in and around nine of some of the finest hotels our capital has to offer… not to mention the sites of some of our most cherished library projects.

Bizarre London is a book which seems to capture London in all her might and magnificence, as well as shedding light on her infamous bloody and ghoulish past. We chose this book as we thought that whoever found it, be they Londoner born and bred, or be they traveller seeking a bed, that it would be illuminating for all.

Each of these spectacular locations set the scene for handbags, stilettos, briefcases and brogues being wielded about in order to be the first to reach this king of prizes. ‘Do not disturb’ signs were ripped from bedroom doors as guests searched under beds and through wardrobes. Respectable women and men forgot themselves momentarily as they fought their way, tooth and nail, in a desperate search for Bizarre London.

Ok…  perhaps we are exaggerating a little here!

In actual fact, our treasure hunt was much more civilised. Long gone are the days of swashbuckling pirates fighting with cutlasses and hooks for hands for a share of a treasure chest, as finding this little gem could not have been easier. To become the proud owner of this tantalising tome you had to first find the book, and then upload a creative photograph of you with your new prize.

The wonderful hotels that we collaborated with on this project used their social media throughout the day to promote it, using our unique hashtag, #ULbookdrop. Twitter and Instagram were filled with posts encouraging their guests to join the search for Bizarre London.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the hotel teams who generously gave time out of their busy schedule to help us celebrate World Book Day.

Scroll down to see how our World Book Day treasure hunt panned out.


Ampersand Hotel

The Ampersand is an elegant boutique hotel in South Kensington. This beautifully restored Victorian treasure is near the V&A, Natural History Museum and many of London’s most popular museums, making it an ideal destination for London first-timers.


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K West Hotel & Spa

This hotel redefines the word ‘cool’. The whole building exudes personality and style from its eye catching ultra-modern façade, the infamous spa, right down to their awesome music library. No wonder this is a favourite haunt of the rich and famous!


The Kensington Hotel

A beautiful hotel nestled away in the heart of one of London’s most fashionable districts. Behind its doors you will find sumptuous furnishings, spectacular art and a gorgeous library… if we do say so ourselves!



The Marylebone Hotel

The Marylebone’s vibrancy and style perfectly reflects its fashionable locale. This hotel will not disappoint any discerning traveller looking for that unique and pampered experience.



The Bloomsbury Hotel

Luxury and grandeur have been weaved into the very brickwork of this elegant and quintessentially English heaven that is themed around its ties to London’s literary heartland.



Ham Yard Hotel

A Spa, a gym, a movie theatre and even a bowling alley, Ham Yard is the first and the last word in intelligent luxury.



Sofitel St. James

A decadent 5-star stay with a postcode to match, this English and French fusion hotel is top of any holiday makers list of places to stay in London.



Intercontinental – The O2

The view of an iconic landmark greeting you each morning, coupled with plush bedrooms and a gorgeous spa, what more could you want?



Number Sixteen Hotel

Kitted to the nines with resplendent and exciting decoration, a spectacular town house that feels like a home away from home.