What really are the finishing touches to a room? Is it a carpet, an ornament, flowers or a cushion? All of these add that little something to an area, but you can’t deny that a wall of carefully selected books really is the proverbial icing on the cake.


A collection of books, as all book lovers know, not only provides that endless pleasure and knowledge to the beholder, but when skilfully placed around a room, whether on shelves or in piles on a coffee table, they create a countless number of impressions and pockets of inspiration to be enjoyed.



Working with the Ham Yard Hotel over the past year we have been doing just that; creating beautiful walls of books to educate, entertain, and inspire. Along side Kit Kemp’s team of fantastic designers we have put together collections of books for their library, drawing room and private apartments.


Considering the guests who stay while bearing in mind the overall appeal of the room in line with Kit’s designs, the jackets were removed from the hard back books to help blend the overall aesthesis with the vibrant modern colours and coverings seen all over the Ham Yard Hotel. We also designed brass shelf plates as a guide to the books categories.


This wonderful collection of books delivers a fresh and informative wallpapering to the room, lasting longer than a vase of flowers or even a coat of paint. What would your dream library look like?