To continue our venture into the world of film and theatre, Ultimate Library has taken a look at where our partners have featured on the silver screen. Everyone loves that feeling when you match a street to a shot from a film or spot a location from your favourite movie. The only way it could be better is staying in a hotel featured in a movie, right? Well even if that isn’t your cup of tea, these next five hotels, resorts and safari camps have all had their 15 minutes of fame.

Royal Lancaster – The Italian Job

A photo of the exterior of the Royal Lancaster hotel in London.

The Royal Lancaster, in the heart of London, had a bombshell opening in the swingin’ ’60s with The Beatles hosting their ‘Yellow Submarine’ after party there. The hotel’s real claim to fame, aside from it being one of the most iconic hotels in the capital, is its feature in the 1969 film The Italian Job. It acts as the stage for Michael Caine’s illustrious character ‘Charlie Croker’ to celebrate his release from prison.

The hotel now offers an Italian Job package, welcoming guests with a bottle of champagne to enjoy while looking over the city. Guests are then offered a sweet treat straight from the hotel’s pastry team. All before being able to enjoy Italian Job cocktails in the lounge bar, featuring ingredients from London and Turin.

A still from the film 'The Italian Job' showing Michael Caine outside the Royal Lancaster hotel.

Ultimate Library worked with the Royal Lancaster to provide them with a collection that celebrated the hotel’s beginning in the 60s’ and the culture and music of the time. We also made sure that the book collection spoke to the influence of the city in that era.

The Savoy – Notting Hill

A photograph of the exterior of The Savoy hotel.

A hotel you may remember from our blog last month, The Savoy is one of the most recognisable and famous hotels in the world never mind within London. Being the first luxury hotel in the city brings with it undeniable class and luxury and when it comes to the silver screen, The Savoy has a large rap sheet.

There are many opportunities for romance lovers to see the iconic location featured in films such as The French Lieutenant’s Woman and Notting Hill, where the film featured its Lancaster Room in the famous press conference scene. The hotel also features in crime and thriller films for example The Long Good Friday and Entrapment, both of which only increases the likelihood guests will recognise a certain suite, room or bar. Finally, The Savoy is featured in another more unexpected movie – National Treasure: Book of Secrets. At The Savoy, there really is something for every guest including the kids.

Belmond Hotel Cipriani – Casino Royal

A photograph of the Belmond Hotel Cipriani's boat on the Grand Canal.

In the heart of Venice, along the Grand Canal lies the beautiful Belmond Hotel Cipriani. This hotel brings Italian charm and sophistication in spades with its long history, stunning design and Michelin starred restaurant. It makes sense then that the hotel would feature in one of the most famous film franchises in the world.

A still from the film 'Casino Royale' showing Daniel Craig and Eva Green on a boat in Venice.

As you can see above, the hotel, like many on the Grand Canal, has its own dock. This dock and the canal around it feature in Casino Royale. As Bond and the femme fatale Vesper arrive in Venice by boat they choose to moor at the dock outside The Belmond. While not the largest of cameos, it does show the beauty of the hotel and its outside spaces. Guests can enjoy these sights and more around Venice as the hotel now offer a ‘From Venice With Love’ film tour of the city.

Angama Mara – Out of Africa

A photograph showing the view from the deck at Angama Mara overlooking the Great Rift Valley in Kenya.

While you may not recognise the amazing safari camp that makes up Angama Mara, you will certainly recognise the stunning sights from the many decks and viewing platforms. Located on the rim of Africa’s Great Rift Valley, Angama Mara allows guests to stay in the heart of Kenya.

A photograph of a collection of books held up by metal elephant bookends.

The views, which guests travel across the world for, can be seen in the film Out of Africa. Though the safari lodge was built after the film came out, guests still come to see the iconic views and stay for the romantic picnics on offer, allowing couples to celebrate their love atop the kopje featured in the film’s poster.

Alongside books for a library space, Ultimate Library ensured that Karen Blixen’s Out of Africa was included in the book collections for the lodges.

The Lanesborough – Eyes Wide Shut

A still from the film 'Eyes Wide Shut' showing the snooker scene in The Lanesborough Hotel.

Our final hotel is The Lanesborough, once again in London. Bringing 5-star luxury from Knightsbridge, this hotel is near some of the most famous locations in the city. Guests will be able to see sights from many films just by walking around the local area, though the hotel itself had its 15 minutes of fame in the film Eyes Wide Shut.

Unfortunately, guests might not be able to see the room the iconic snooker scene took place in, as it was filmed in the hotel’s most expensive and luxurious Royal Suite. Complete with seven bedrooms, living area, dining room and views of Buckingham Palace, this is the height of decadence.

A photograph of the Royal Suite at The Lanesborough Hotel in London. It has red walls and furniture and book shelves on the far wall.

While the classic tomes you can see in the film aren’t provided by Ultimate Library, we have curated a collection for the hotel’s library bar and its other suites. Antique leatherbound books were included in the collection to emphasise the decadent nature of the hotel and its history.