New York City’s eclectic visuals, culture, and rich history awaken every seasoned and novice traveller’s appetite for adventure. It is Eden after The Fall. This is what Eve was looking for when she bit in to the big apple.

It is the towering and imposing buildings that are baked by the summer sun, it is the grounds of Central Park made hard by the winters snow, and it is the infamous attitudes of the New Yorkers that have inspired countless generations of literary and artistic pioneers, whose works pay homage to her zest and zeal.

What better way to acquaint yourself with the sights, sounds and smells of New York than lying in leafy Central Park with the sun on your face and Wharton’s Age of Innocence placed upon your lap? What could be more peaceful than indulging in the pages of James Van Der Zee’s document of Harlem having just reached the calm oasis of the garden at The Cloisters Museum?

She is a Mecca for anyone who is in search of that illusive pulse of life, that intoxicating cocktail of vice and virtue, and for that visual and cultural crescendo.

It is impossible not to be swept up by this pulsating and magnetic metropolis, so please indulge in this list of our favourite titles to help you on your way in discovering your New York state of mind…

Cecil Beaton: The New York Years

By Donald Albrecht

This is New York shown through the lens of an eccentric and brilliant English photographer. Beaton’s photographs document the artistic, social and sexual revolution that gripped New York in the 20th century.

Great Houses of New York: 1889 – 1930 

By Michael C. Kathrens

A photographic book that captures some of New York’s most achingly brilliant fin de siècle architecture, some of which still stands today.



The Big Book of The Hamptons

By Assouline Publishing

No trip to New York is complete without a visit to the luxurious Hamptons. This book will whet your appetite with its titillating and awe inducing photographs of the Hamptons’ crème de la crème of private homes.


Central Park, An American Masterpiece

By Sara Cedar Miller

Cedar Miller offers up a veritable visual feast for those of you who wish to know more about the incredible conception of one of New York’s most impressive attractions.

The High Line

By James Corner Files Operations and Diller Scofidio

This book provides a tantalising insight into the construction of one of New York’s newest and most treasured sights… High Line public park.

Modern Art in America

By William Agee

Agee offers a fascinating and alternative history into the artistic boom that catapulted America on to the world cultural stage. This is a must read for anyone who finds art and culture totally irresistible.

New York Fashion

By Sonnet Stanfill

Stanfill provides  a comprehensive evaluation of the evolution of the New Yorker’s fashion. This book charters New York’s fashion from the ashes of WWII up to present day and designers to watch.




Bill Jacklin’s New York

This is an epic tribute to the brilliant Bill Jacklin’s New York-centric corpus of paintings. Jacklin’s art is revered all over the world and these paintings seem to capture the uncapturable mood of New York and her inhabitants. Inside these pages you will find a fascinating interview with the artist and even a foreword from Sting!

I Never Knew That About New York

By Christopher Winn

Winn’s pocket book is your perfect companion for a J. G. Links style stroll around the city. Christopher Winn blows the dust of an old and forgotten New York with an exciting and engaging account of her history.



New York Storis

By Diana Secker Tesdell

New York Stories is collection of classic tales that provide its readers with a ‘kaleidoscopic vision of the metropolis in all its grittiness and glamour’. This tantalising tome plunges you in and out of the lives of the ordinary and the extraordinary and gives you a real taste for New York through the ages.