To coincide with our interview with award-winning interior designer Noor Charchafchi, this month Ultimate Library have put together a list of luxury interiors books. These glossy hardback titles will add a touch of elegance to any space. Carefully chosen in an array of golds, silvers, beiges and creams – these books are ideal for maintaining a beautifully neutral and charming design aesthetic.

As part of our curation service, we are often required to work to colour briefs with our interior design clients and one of the most popular current trends is for creating bespoke collections of titles in these luxuriously neutral tones. We pride ourselves on matching aesthetics with a flair of creativity, and content is always of key importance to us when we curate.

Here’s a list that combines the attractive ‘book look’ with insightful histories into the world of design and architecture. These are ideal title for any coffee table looking for an injection of style.

1. The Finer Things by Christiane Lemieux

Quality matters in your home. Just as anything should be built to stand the test of time, so, too, should furniture, objects, and elements of rooms in order to speak to an enduring sense of beauty and comfort. Christiane Lemieux sets out to answer how we distinguish quality when it comes to interiors.

2. The Golden Thread by Kassia St Clair

Fabric has allowed us to achieve extraordinary things survive in unlikely places, and thrive as stylish individuals. This book shows its fascinating history, with a cast that includes Chinese empresses, Richard the Lionheart and Bing Crosby, Kassia St Clair takes us on the run with escaped slaves, climbing the slopes of Everest and moonwalking with astronauts to reveal fabric’s secrets.

3. Bauhaus 1919 – 1933 by Taschen

In a fleeting 14-year period between two world wars, Germany’s Bauhaus School of Art and Design changed the face of modernity. With utopian ideas for the future, the school developed a pioneering fusion of fine art, craftsmanship, and technology, which they applied across media and practices from film to theatre, sculpture to ceramics

4. Live Beautiful by Athena Calderone

This is the highly anticipated design book by Athena Calderone, as she introduces us to her network of interior decorators, fashion designers, and tastemakers to reveal how carefully crafted interiors come together. She also opens the doors to two of her own residences, exploring the deeply personal stories behind her designs.

5. The Kinfolk Home by Nathan Williams

With the interest in interiors at an all time high, The Kinfolk Home takes us on a trip through 40 houses across the world to teach us about how intentional, conscious design is the thing for the future. Slowing down is essential to the Kinfolk concept and this book is a source of mindful design.

6. WA: The Essence of Japanese Design by Phaidon

An exploration of the beauty and essence of Japanese design through 300 objects: from everyday items, to iconic fashion and furniture. Not only is this book a marvellous cultural education, it also looks stunning on any bookshelf.

7. Perspective by Steven Gambrel

Top interior designer Steve Gambrel shows us into some of his most fantastic interiors projects. From historic country houses, to flats in the heart of cities, all of his designs blend tradition with a contemporary edge. These beautiful residences are the ideal inspiration for any budding designer.

8. This is Home by Natalie Walton

This is an interiors book about simple living and how thoughtful design works to make a house a true home. From the renowned interiors stylist, comes a book that looks at how we curate and maintain the spaces that mean the most to us.

9. 100 Interiors Around the World by Taschen

With pictures from some of the most celebrated interiors photographers of all time, this beautiful book from Taschen offers a whistle-stop tour of some of the world’s most breathtaking designs. There’s something for everyone in this beautiful book which offers a huge spectrum of styles.

10. Interior by Joseph Dirand

When describing a space that intertwines both minimalism and elegance, the name Joseph Dirand immediately comes to mind. With a combination of minimalism and French design Dirand creates timelessly beautiful spaces. This lavish book is filled with stunning photographs, perfect for any coffee table.