For our newsletter this month, Ultimate Library are focusing on all things green-fingered. With the wonderful sunshine that has graced us so far this Summer, we’re exploring books about gardening and gardens.

These titles will offer insights into the world of horticulture, from looking at how beautiful gardens have shaped great art, to helping those with smaller outdoor spaces to cultivate their own plants and vegetables to champion self-sufficiency.

Gardens have been a true theme of the lockdown period, and as restrictions begin to ease, we hope to see the interest in the great outdoors continue to blossom and grow!

1. How to Garden When You’re New to Gardening by The Royal Horticultural Society

New to gardening? This is the ideal guide to all those green-fingered amateurs looking to develop their skills in the garden. With the expertise of the RHS, you’ll find simple step-by-step instructions, with clear images to help you create your dream garden, no matter the size and scale.

2. Nurture by Lady Carole Bamford

Nurture tells the story of how the successful Daylesford farm began and brings to life the principles, ideas and beliefs that have made it was it is today. Neither gardening book nor cookery title, this fabulous story brings together the aspects that created Daylesford in a holistic way, it is a guide to a more mindful way of life.

3. Highgrove: A Garden Celebrated by Bunny Guiness

The gardens at Highgrove evoke intense emotion, and this book celebrates this mature paradise that the Prince of Wales planted over 30 years ago. Lavishly illustrated with images of the garden over the months, this is the ideal book for gardeners of any ability.

4. Veg in One Bed by Huw Richards

Want to become more self sufficient, whether it’s in your garden, on your allotment or even your rooftop? Huw Richards offers a fool proof guide to growing food organically, showing with simple steps, just how easy it can be to grow your own.

5. Down to Earth by Monty Don

Much-loved gardener, author and presenter of Gardener’s World, Monty Don offers his insights and advice on nourishing your garden. With his famously lyrical style, he acts as a beacon of inspiration for any budding gardener.

6. The Garden Jungle by Dave Goulson

This book is an education in the wildlife that lives right under our noses, in our gardens and parks, between the gaps in the pavement, and in the soil beneath our feet. Goulson fascinating examination into the weird lives of these creatures, takes us on an adventure as he explains how our lives are inextricably intertwined with that of earwigs, bees, lacewings and hoverflies.

7. The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

Perhaps one of the most famous literary gardens in the world exists in this timeless classic. One Beatrix Potter’s most popular and well-loved tales, the mischievous little Peter Rabbit has bounded into the heart of generations of book lovers. Peter Rabbit loves the yummy vegetables he finds in Mr McGregor’s garden, the only problem is: Mr McGregor doesn’t want Peter to get his paws on his crops! 

8. The Gardener’s Garden by Phaidon

This luxury illustrated titles from Phadion spans seven centuries to spotlight more than 250 of the globe’s finest permanent gardens by leading garden designers, horticulturalists, and landscape architects, brought to life via more than 1,000 sumptuous photographs and in descriptive texts by a well-honed selection of garden experts.

9. Emily Dickinson’s Gardening Life by Marta McDowell

Emily Dickinson is one of the most famous American poets and her work has inspired generations – however, a large part of her life that has previously been missed was her fascination with botany. In this brilliant book, Marta McDowell traces Dickinson’s life as gardener and reveals the many ways in which her passion for plants is evident in her extensive collection of poems and letters.

10. The Artist’s Garden by Jackie Bennett

This book is about the real homes and gardens that inspired great artists – gardens that can still be visited to this day. The relationship between artist and garden is a complex one that transcends history, from Cezanne’s home in the South of France to Celia Thaxter’s in Maine – gardens hold an important place in the lives of some of the world’s most renowned artists and sculptors.