One way people have been able to travel over the past eighteen months is through fiction. Not only has there been a boom in book sales, being stuck inside has been perfect to dive into the world of visual entertainment. Straight to streaming releases and live-streamed theatre have brought new materials to the masses like never before. This book list will be perfect for every film buff, theatre buff and dance fan out there. It has introspective looks at some of film’s greatest directors and actors, books on the development of film, theatre and performance over the last 150 years, and some beautiful photography. These books would make a great addition to any collection as well as adding to the design and decor of your shelves.

The cover of the book 'Accidentally Wes Anderson' featuring a photograph of a hotel in the middle of a mountain road.

Accidentally Wes Anderson by Wally Koval

Wes Anderson’s films are unique in their aesthetic, one that is instantly recognisable. This beautiful, illustrated book collects the world’s most Anderson-like sites, telling the story behind each. Inspired by a viral online thread of the same name, and now authorised by Wes Anderson, this book shows off distinctly coloured, symmetrical and arresting photos from around the world.

The cover of 'The Film Book' by Ronald Bergan, it features red and black text in the centre of a film reel.

The Film Book: A Complete Guide to the World of  Cinema by Ronald Bergan

This is the ultimate guide to more than 100 of the most significant films ever made, taking readers on a journey through the ever-changing landscape of cinema from Hollywood to Bollywood. Giving behind the scene stories and shots from timeless classics and blockbuster hits, this book is everything a film buff could need.

Ridley Scott: A Retrospective

Illustrated with iconic images from Scott’s back catalogue and showing the eye for detail the director has. This book is filled with first-hand experiences, on-set anecdotes and interviews with Scott himself. It tells the stories behind Alien, Blade Runner and many more blockbuster hits from the last 50 years, giving readers an extraordinary journey through one of Britains greatest living directors.

The cover of the book 'Musicals' by DK and Elaine Paige featuring the title text made of lights behind silhouettes of people dancing on a black background.

Musicals: The Definitive Illustrated Story by DK and Elaine Paige

Including the details of over 100 musicals from the classics through to newer and popular stage hits, this is the perfect guide for any musicals fan. Giving readers behind the scenes insights into the casts, stories and songs, this guide has all the glitter of Broadway.

Performance Now by RoseLee Goldberg

Now one of the most talked about art forms in the last two decades, performance and live art have moved from the fringes to a central part of galleries, black box theatres, and public spaces. This title gives readers an insight into the development of live art and its influence on other forms of art, making this the go-to guide for the future of performance.

The cover of the book 'The Stanley Kubirck Archives' by Allison Castle. It features white text on a red background above a print of Kubrick's signature.

The Stanley Kubrick Archives by Allison Castle

The first book and the most complete study of Stanley Kubrick’s archives to date, giving real insight into the filmmaker himself. Bringing Kubricks non-verbal experience to the forefront, part one of this book presents frame enlargements of his work. Part two brings behind-the-scenes and previously unseen material from Kubricks work, alongside essays and interviews.

The cover of the book 'The Style of Movement' by Ken Browar and Deborah Ory featuring gold text over a photograph of a dancer.

The Style of Movement: Fashion and Dance by Ken Browar and Deborah Ory

A book like never before, bringing together couture fashion and dance, this title and its photography, by the highly celebrated authors, show the relationship between the two art forms. The astonishing form of the dancers is enhanced by and simultaneously shows off the beauty of the garment they are wearing. A beautiful book for fans of dance and fashion.

The cover of the book 'London Theatres' by Michael Coveney featuring white text over a photograph of a theatre.

London Theatres by Michael Coveney and Peter Dazeley

This book brings the sights of the theatre capital of the world straight to the reader. With information and histories on more than 50 theatres throughout London, this is a comprehensive guide for all interested in history and architecture. Fans of the stage will be delighted by the stunning photography and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

The cover of the book 'Marilyn & Me' by Lawrence Miller featuring white text over an image of Monroe in a pool.

Marilyn & Me by Lawrence Schiller

The mesmerising story of the already famous Marilyn Monroe and a young photographer getting his big break. Showing the world-famous star through over 100 images and Schiller’s own stories, this book takes readers back to 1962 with ease. Bringing intimacy and rare outtakes from her final film, this is an unexpected portrait of the star in her final months.

The cover of 'A Chronology of Film' by Ian Haydn Smith featuring white text over an image from the film Parasite.

A Chronology of Film by Ian Haydn Smith

A visual timeline for film enthusiasts, ranging from the earliest moving images to the latest blockbusters. A Chronology of Film gives commentaries and contextual information about the creation of the films, alongside in-depth essays about the history of film and breaking down the technical advancements of the last 150 years.