Whether you are an appreciator or a collector, you can’t deny that art plays a central role in our lives. And what is the perfect accompaniment to better educate us on these creations? Books obviously!

In a world where we desire to discover more, we are no longer satisfied by the finished result, including what sometimes is hanging on the wall. From how a piece was made to the initial designs, or like celebrity culture, we seek to learn about the lives of artists and to understand them as people, to better inform us of their influences and achievements.


So what more suitable way is there to discover the secrets behind our favourite works of art than reading about them!


Face to Face: Interviews With Artists 

The Art of Forgery: The Minds, Motives and Methods of Master Forgers 


Breakfast at Sotheby’s: An A-Z of the Art World 




Collecting Art for Love, Money and More 

The 21st-Century Art Book

by David Trigg, Eliza Williams and Jonathan Griffin 

Showcasing over 280 artists in A-to-Z order, celebrating established and influential figures such as Maurizio Cattelan, Christian Marclay, Cindy Sherman and Jeff Wall, as well as introducing the rising stars of the next generation. Each artist is represented by a significant work made this century, with an illustration and illuminating text that explains the work and introduces its creator


The Story of Art 

The Story of Art, one of the most famous and popular books on art ever written, has been a world bestseller for over four decades. If you have been an art student this was for many years your go to art bible. Attracted by the simplicity and clarity of his writing, readers of all ages and backgrounds have found in Professor Gombrich a true master, and one who combines knowledge and wisdom with a unique gift for communicating his deep love of the subject. This classic work continues its triumphant teaching for generations, to remain the title of first choice for any newcomer to art or the connoisseur.