Just off the coast of East Africa, a mere 15 miles from the shores of Tanzania, lies the beautiful island of Zanzibar, known locally as Spice Island.  Renowned for its gorgeous white sandy beaches and azure waters, Zanzibar has always been a dream destination for travellers and luxury holidaymakers alike.

Zuri Zanzibar View


Secreted away on the northern coast of the island comes the latest in luxury island resorts, Zuri Zanzibar. Zuri is built on a 300 meter stretch of private beach and has its very own exotic spice garden. The surroundings on this island are nothing short of paradisiacal, and it’s perfectly fitting that Zuri means ‘beautiful’ in Swahili. The idea is that guests are fully immersed in a place where African tradition meets modern culture, with the architects designing sustainable luxury that looks to protect the surroundings it is built on. Each private villa floats above the ground on planted columns in order to minimize impact on the land and support the eco systems of Zanzibar’s local plants and wildlife.


Constructed with its surrounding environment in mind, Zuri prides itself on being an oasis of seclusion, tranquillity and wellness. Ultimate Library were asked to curate a bespoke library and engaging DVD collection for the resort. In keeping with their ethos, we chose books and films that would reflect the vibrant atmosphere and colour of this exotic and mystical setting. Nestled between arched wooden beams and low hanging lanterns, every title in the library was hand selected and curated specially for this tropical paradise. The hanging basket chairs encourage visitors to curl up with a book from our collection where they can find titles that range from wave manuals to a catalogue of must-visit islands, whilst natural African light floods in from the open sides. Guests can lose themselves in Voices in the Ocean, a poignant and enlightening depiction of the lives of dolphins, or The Reader’s Book of Days, full of snapshot illustrations of crucial moments in famous author’s lives. Illustrated books can be found amongst the literature, such as Michael Light’s Full Moon which puts together NASA images to build the first ever photographic journey to the moon, adding to the sense of magic in our Zuri Zanzibar library.


The library offers shady seclusion from the heat, inviting those who enter to enjoy getting lost in their own imaginations.  The DVD library boasts a diverse range of 500 DVD’s that includes a mixture of award winning classics, documentaries and Oscar-winning favourites. From stylish noir to the latest best-selling blockbuster, there is a film to suit every vacationer.


An Island Library


Situated amongst the extensive collection, Ultimate Library provided an array of branded bookmarks, bookplates and signage that helps to invite guests to engage with the library while these Zuri extras help to create a fully unique and branded library that reflects the resort.

Zuri Zanzibar books


In collaboration with Zuri Zanzibar’s social responsibility programme, Ultimate Library was able to supply Kilindi local primary school with a community library. Ultimate Library’s Blackwell Community Libraries Project supplied to books to the school and Zuri Zanzibar helped to construct the library. Through this library we hope to capture the imaginations of the children, aid them in their education and ignite their passion for reading.

Kilindi Library