Reasons To Go LUX* (RTGs) have become synonymous with the LUX* brand are an important component of what makes it different and special.  One of the RTGs is the Wanderlust Library concept at LUX* South Ari Atoll in the Maldives, comprising a collection of books that reflects the spirit of LUX* and a set of tools to engage guests to ensure a truly an extraordinary experience.

The brief from CEO Paul Jones was “to build a place where once discovered, guests feel they want to come back and spend time”. The new concept was retro-fitted into the LUX* resort on South Ari Atoll at the end of the refurbishment programme As Mike, the Head of Engineering says “we had to build something that met the brief, with absolutely no budget or resources, using only materials at hand. We had to beg, steal or borrow from old mock-up rooms. Robinson Crusoe would be proud of us”.


Lux Wanderlust Library Before and After


Ultimate Library were engaged to bring their experience to the project and advise on the design, layout, lighting, seating, signage and to create a distinctive book collection.

Over six weeks an old golf-buggy shelter with 4 poles and a roof was transformed into a bright air-conditioned space, with dramatic lighting to make reading easy day and night; a mezzanine with bean-bag seating and a spectacular ocean view provides a private space to escape the heat and humidity of the day for a moment of bookish cool and calm. The unique book shelves with a wave-like pattern that echoes the natural environment house the book collection – back-lit at night, they provide drama and are a natural draw to evening guests;


Wanderlust Library


Recognising that travel has always been one of the most valuable currencies of luxury,UL curated the ultimate collection of books to stimulate the travel senses, encourage wanderlust and expand horizons. The shelves, were stocked with 500 of the most cutting edge and creative travel publications, stimulating guests to get lost in their own imaginations whilst reading.


Lux Wander Lust Library NewsLetter Interior


To make the library a vibrant and living amenity, Ultimate Library delivered guest engagement training for hosts, marketing and operations teams. A programme designed to bring the library to life for guests and hosts, to explain the ‘rules of engagement’ and inspire usage. A programme of visiting writers in residence is in development.

 “At LUX*, we understand that when in leisure mode and wholly removed from your daily routine, the mind becomes freer and more open to being inspired and captivated to new things, which have the ability to enrich one’s outlook and sense of adventure. The Wanderlust Library perfectly captures this moodIt’s a space that allows our guests to get lost in their own imagination whilst reading”

Afeef Hussain, Director of Training & Development