It can be stress inducing to dream up romantic and delicious ways to treat your loved one on Valentine’s day, so we’re giving you our top nine picks of the best date night guides. Whether you want to try a new restaurant or surprise your date at home with a romantic feast, this list will provide everything you need for a memorable Valentine’s Day.

Best Date Night Guides - Eat London

Eat London All About Food by Terence Conran

Now entering its third edition this guide is a comprehensive map of where to find the very best in London cuisine. Every entry is thoughtful and original, so if you want to discover the best fish and chip shop in East London or treat your date to the finest haute cuisine in Mayfair then this guide is the one for you.

Date night guide - Where Chefs Eat

Where Chef’s Eat: A Guide to Chef’s Favourite Restaurants by Joe Warwick

Complied by a team of mystery culinary experts and with locations ranging from local eateries to high-end restaurants, you can rely on any option being delicious. Why not take your date along to their favourite chef’s favourite restaurant?


Date Night Guide - Vegan

Vegan: The Cookbook by Jean-Christian Jury

The perfect vegan option for the perfect night in, celebrating the very best in vegan cuisine from Albania to Zambia. This sensory food journey reinvents traditional and authentic vegan recipes from around the world, and is the best cooking accessory for an adventurous animal-free meal. 


Date Night Guide - Vegan Baking

100 Best Vegan Baking Recipes by Kris Holechek 

Whether you’re a novice baker or seasoned chef this recipe book gives you everything you need to be able to magic together cruelty-free cookies, pastries and cakes for the sweet-toothed vegan in your life.





Secret London Date Night Bars

Secret London – Unusual Bars and Restaurants

If you’re looking to surprise someone who thinks they know London like the back of their hand, then this eccentric and under-the-radar guide is your perfect date night accomplice. With hideouts across London, you and your date could be dining in a high security prison or singing in a clandestine Korean karaoke club but, whatever you choose, you are sure to embark on an unlikely adventure, for a night that neither of you will never forget.

Simple by Ottolenghi

Simple by Ottolenghi

All the gorgeous food combinations and abundance of tastes that Ottolenghi is famous for, minus all that hassle! Choose from one of the 130 new recipes from the famous chef and impress your partner with an explosion of middle eastern flavours and tastes.





The Borough Market Cookbook

  The Borough Market Cookbook by Ed Smith

This recipe book follows a year in the life of London’s famous Borough Market, celebrating each season at the market with some delicious seasonal recipes. Avoid the crowds and bring the very best in London street food home this Valentine’s day, choose from tarts and toasties and everything in between.

Date night - Cookbook for Couples

Dinner Dates: A Cookbook for Couples Cooking Together by Martha Cotton

For those of you whose idea of good cooking involves a microwave, why not take the opportunity to pick up a few skills in the kitchen? This book offers couples a step by step guide for a team of two on everything from how to equip your kitchen to dividing up tasks and assembling a menu. Fall in love with cooking this Valentine’s Day!

Made in London Cookbook

Made in London: The Cookbook by Leah Hyslop

The perfect cookbook choice if you’re trying to impress a true Londoner. Regale your date with the origin stories of famous London cuisines, as you serve them the very dishes. You can choose between 18th century recipes or Hyslop’s own modern day creations inspired by the city she loves, whilst reading entertaining histories and profiles on London’s most famous foods. We recommend trying your hand at her mouth-watering Pimm’s and lemon curd trifle!