We have been saying it for years, that people love paper! Time spent with physical books are precious moments away from the computer and mobile screen where you can loose yourself in literature. Is there anything better?

However, for years we as book lovers have been forced to decide if the printed book is inevitably doomed in the digital age. Thankfully though, recent findings from the definitive annual survey of the industry shows that the death of the traditional book have been greatly exaggerated.

In a study by the Publishers Association it has been revealed that the sales of printed books are rising, while digital sales are down for the first time since 2011, after their increase due to easier downloads on various mobile electronic devices.

Happy news for us!

Stephen Lotinga, chief executive of The Publishers Association, said: “Those who made predictions about the death of the book may have underestimated just how much people love paper.”

So what has been the change? Experts say that readers are re-realising the luxurious pleasure that is to be taken by immersing themselves in a physical book. The studies findings also discovered that non-fiction lifestyle type books also do not translate well into digital. Who wants to browse through fashion photography and illustrations on the small screen, instead of slowly turning the glossy pages of a beautiful book?

“It would appear there remains a special place in the consumer’s heart for aesthetic pleasure that printed books can bring,” said Publishers Association chief executive Stephen Lotinga.

In the words of international news legend John Simpson “I have packed my e-reader with dozens of books, but its nothing like as satisfying as reading from the printed page. And, according to a recent study, when you read electronically you don’t absorb nearly as much. It gave me huge pleasure when I saw e-books and reader sales were plummeting and the real thing was tagging a comeback”


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