The 5* luxury resort Oil Nut Bay is located on the eastern tip of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands and is accessible only through helicopter, boat or plane. Nestled into the hilly green landscape, the resort is in good company surrounded by the holiday homes of Richard Branson and Google founder, Larry Page. Encircled by a coral reef and stunning views, the idyllic island resort boasts 300 acres of beautiful Caribbean land.

Opened in 2013, the resort offers villa rentals and freehold property ownership in one of their many luxurious suites, houses and villas. Oil Nut Bay’s developer, and Chairman of Victor International, David V. Johnson, has kept clear aims throughout the development of the resort including sustainability, fine design and the local community. Despite being located in an economically prosperous area surrounded by similar resorts and homes, Oil Nut Bay is truly set apart by its unique attitudes towards helping the local community and the planet.

Oil Nut Bay Marina Library
Oil Nut Bay Marina Library

A luxury resort unquestionably has to offer a few essential things: beautiful views, top quality service and fine design. But isn’t it time that we added sustainability to that list? As the leading developers in the travel industry, luxury resorts should be leading the way in sustainable design and development. Amazingly, Oil Nut Bay have done just this, creating a resort that protects the environmental integrity of the land.

As an issue that is often neglected by the travel and hotel industry, sustainable development is an area open for growth and one that has the potential to really affect the developing role of climate change. Tourism is reportedly responsible for around 5% of the global CO2 emissions and thus leaves developers with a serious responsibility for our planet.

Refreshingly, sustainability at Oil Nut Bay is taken seriously. It is not a word thrown around for the sake of their brand image; Oil Nut Bay is a resort that has actually invested the time, money and design into creating a truly sustainable resort. With facilities including spas, gyms, infinity pools and children’s clubs it is evident that a lot of energy, water and electricity is needed to support the day-to-day functioning of the resort. Fortunately, the resort has pioneered a way to maximise sustainable efficiency without compromising an ounce of luxury.

Sourced through the discreet rooftop solar panels, solar power generates electricity for desalination plants, air conditioning, refrigeration, hot water, community lighting and more. Seawater is converted into fresh drinking and showering water and swimming pool use through a reverse regenerative osmosis process. Rain and grey water from sinks, showers, and other non-salt water waste sources are collected and treated for use in watering the landscape to minimize the amount of electricity used for water production. These environmental actions are seamlessly implemented into the fabric of the hotel, providing true eco excellence.

Johnson has made it evident that the resort is committed to acting as a caretaker for the exquisite land and its people and is thus built in harmony with nature. The design of the resort is unobtrusive and interwoven into the natural landscape. Ultimate Library built on these central themes when curating the library and reflected these influences into the design of the bookshelves.

The library was built as it’s own separate amenity in the marina village, opened just this year. Our chosen books involved many of the central themes of Oil Nut Bay as well as a wide selection for the well-travelled guest. From economics to art and design, our library list includes beautifully illustrated publications, classics, modern fiction, travel writing and much more. We even included several books related to the Caribbean to reflect the importance of the natural and cultural environment of the resort.

Oil Nut Bay Nut Shelf Library
Oil Nut Bay’s iconic nut shaped shelving

Ultimate Library worked closely with carpetners, builders and project mangers in creating a theme and overarching look for the library. The design of the library mirrors the rest of the resort with open-plan, spacious areas with an emphasis on outdoor living. Equally, the colour palette is situated in muted earthy tones with refreshing splashes of white and turquoise. Highlights of the library include the curvaceous and comfy sofa, the beautifully marbled coffee table and tropical print statement wall. But our favourite design aspect without a doubt are the bookshelves! Built to imitate the natural environment, the shelves were sourced specifically for this luxury library. A sense of place is reinforced through the flowing wave shelves together with the circular shelves that represent the brand image itself; and oil nut.

Library Oil Nut Bay

Through the design and book selection, we kept the vision of Oil Nut Bay at the heart of the library and even created a book exchange section. Guests can trade books they’ve finished for a fresh holiday read building an interactive community within the resort.

Furthermore, as part of Oil Nut Bay’s commitment to the local community, they partnered with Ultimate Library to donate a library to the Robison O’Neal Memorial Primary School in the North Sound. This generous act of philanthropy speaks to the power of books and their ability to connect us to one another through a shared love of literature.