January, the annual lull when we all want to find a reason to revive, renew and relax after the busy festive season. When we all make those arbitrary promises to do better, be better and get healthy. Be it your mind, body or spirit we think that books can help motivate people towards a calmer, more mindful year ahead. 


In a world where it is difficult to switch off from the pressures outside, we have to admit that spas are the perfect place to start those journeys. Elegant rooms where we can float in pools, steam out toxins and have our bodies manipulated with oils, in the talented hands of some tall Swedish man named Hans. However, there is something else in these beautifully designed relaxation rooms, that can help us restore the mind and teach us the best ways to live our lives. Book collections filled with inspiration and information on everything from diet to mindfulness.


Here are some of our favourite books to kick start your season of discovery, aiding you to feel good inside and out, while also adding to that feel of luxury. The finishing touch to any room. 

On Yoga: The Architecture of Peace

by Michael O’Neill

The perfect coffee table book! A beautiful illustrated title that tells the story of yoga, with nearly 200 photographs, most of which have never been seen. Covering the different practices of yoga through to meditation, this extraordinary book includes essays on the role of yoga in contemporary culture, the history of the practice from the time of Patanjali, and the healing power of what the author calls the architecture of peace on the mind.

The Medicinal Chef: The Power of Three 



The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible

Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements 

Cook. Nourish. Glow. 

by Amelia Freer

Following on from the great success of bestselling fist book, Eat. Nourish. Glow, Amelia Freer returns her perfect companion cookbook Cook. Nourish. Glow. Full of delicious, healthy, beautiful food Amelia equips you with the skills and knowledge to improve your health while empowering you to cook with confidence. A professional nutritional therapist, she promotes a gluten, refined sugar and dairy-free lifestyle of endless fad diets.

Calm: Calm the mind. Change the world

by Michael Acton Smith

Calm is the book that will show you how to take back a little bit of peace, space and all-important calm from the hectic lives we live today. This book contains the simple tools, tricks and habits that will help to calm your mind. It is a practical and pleasurable guide to twenty-first century mindfulness. Calm is about simple, achievable habits that work with the demands of your busy life instead of pretending those demands don’t exist.

The Art of Thinking Clearly: Better Thinking, Better Decisions