The kitchen is undoubtably one of the most important features in any home. Whether or not you’re a Michelin starred chef or an enthusiastic amateur, the kitchen is at the heart of any household. That’s why Ultimate Library are shining a spotlight on some of our favourite kitchen designs this season.

Unsurprisingly, we’ve chosen kitchens that feature clever and concealed shelves used to store brilliant and beautiful cookery books. Not only are they an essential part of inspiring us to change up our weekly meals, but cookery books also add a touch of soul and colour to the kitchen space, which is often the locus for family life. With the weather getting colder, it’s the perfect time to cosy up in the kitchen and try out some new recipes. These autumnal kitchens will certainly inspire you to invest in your cookery book collection and revamp your kitchen shelves.

To adopt the perfect kitchen aesthetic, it’s essential to have an array of hand-picked cookery books on your shelves. For this reason, we’ll also be providing you with some inspiration for the food related titles that we think fit with every kitchen aesthetic. Cookery books are some of the most popular titles flying off the shelves at the moment and according to The Bookseller, in 2016, 8.7 million cookery books were sold, the highest number yet. With an increasing interest in everything to do with food, our curators’ choices this month are at the higher end of the spectrum in order to add luxury to any kitchen space.

The Rustic Kitchen

Rustic Kitchen Library
From: House and Garden, Architect: Ptolemy Dean, Tiles: Ann Sacks, Lighting: Tom Dixon, Photo: Michael Sinclair

The first property on our inspiration list is this restored Georgian townhouse in Somerset. Undeniably, this rustic kitchen space has been designed to have a homely feel. The use of cookery books adds to the cosiness of the setting. The beautiful alcoves glow thanks to the tiles from Ann Sacks, whilst the light is warm and welcoming as a result of Tom Dixon’s lighting. By far the best aspect of this space is the careful use of the island as a book shelf. This is a wonderful way to get cookery titles into the kitchen as a feature, and the selected books have been paired with a few special bottles of wine to compliment the culinary setting.

The Garden Chef

The Garden Chef by Phaidon Editors and Jeremy Fox

To compliment this rustic style of design our curator’s choice for the more homely kitchen is this wonderful book from Phaidon. For many chefs and cooks, the garden is an extension of their kitchen and this book is perfect for those looking to inspire seasonal dishes from plant to plate.

The Workbench Kitchen

Blue Kitchen Library
Designed by: Heringbone Kitchens

Here’s another kitchen which is sure to get your culinary juices flowing. With easy access to the huge cookery library located within easy reach of the workbench, this kitchen champions ease and style. This is a neat and functional space perfect for trying out new dishes. Dark blues are a real trend this autumn and the contrast with the cream stools gives a contemporary feel to the whole interior.

Modernist Cuisine Cookbook

Modernist Cuisine at Home by Nathan Myhrvold and Maxime Bilet

Destined to set a new standard for home cooking, this comprehensive look at the cookery style that changed the face of restaurants worldwide is the perfect compliment to this bold, modern and functional interior.

The Traditional Kitchen

White Kitchen
Designed by: Humphrey Munson

This classic, cream interior is a definite crowd pleaser. Complete with the stylish and comforting Aga, it’s very much in line with more traditional tastes. Neatly stored to the side of the main kitchen, the cookbooks add much-needed colour to the blank space that gives the whole interior a lift. This is the perfect kitchen for trying out those difficult cakes, pies and breads from your favourite cookbook.

Baking Bible Cookbook

The Baking Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum

The infamous cake-genius has compiled her biggest book yet. A guide to everything baking related, this is the perfect book to get you try the more trickier recipes. Perfect for the traditional cook, the instructions are fool-proof and methodical.

The Artisanal Kitchen

Kitchen Book Shelf
From House and Garden, Designed by: Maria Speake of Retrouvius Design, Photo by: Paul Massey

The bookshelf in this kitchen has been made a feature piece and this is a space that all the literary-loving foodies would enjoy. The impressive shelf at the centre adds an artisanal feel to the kitchen, especially when paired with the warm coloured wood used throughout the space. Not only does this shelf add a pop of colour, but it also means books are easily accessible.

Japan Cookbook

Japan the Cookbook by Nancy Singleton Hachisu

This stunning book which offers a glimpse into the precision and delicacy behind Japanese cuisine. It is a perfect match for this wood-themed kitchen. With over 400 recipes, you can explore the tastes of this complex nation.

The Scandinavian Kitchen

Designed by: Extreme Design

Finally, this simple scandi-style design celebrates the precise art of cookery. With the colourful cookbooks neatly stowed in this icy, grey interior, it’s easy to see why the world is so obsessed with Nordic design style. The salmon coloured books here add a touch of warmth to the cold tones and make the room feel alive.

Faviken by Magnus Nilsson

The acclaimed chef who worked on a remote island in Sweden reveals some of his culinary secrets in this stylish book. His use of local ingredients is a great inspiration for those eating in season as the colder months beckon.