Ultimate Library are excited to welcome and introduce the latest member of the team, the wonderful Kaitlyn Mellini, as the new Director of Business Development. With experience in both the book trade and the hospitality design industry she is the perfect addition to Ultimate Library.

When did you first learn about Ultimate Library? 

I was first introduced to Ultimate Library while working as a procurement consultant for an HBA designed project in the Maldives. I was immediately intrigued by the concept and by the company’s unique place in the hospitality industry as well as charmed by the idea of creating libraries. I wish I had known of Ultimate Library on my previous procurement projects as I had struggled to source relevant, beautiful books at a good price.

My personal love of books and literature led me to the antiquarian book trade where I managed a respected bookshop in Chelsea. When the opportunity arose to join Ultimate Library, it felt like the perfect amalgamation of my procurement, sales, and book trade experience.

What is one of your favourite Libraries?

The British Library Treasures Collection for astounding, mind-blowing pieces of history and art, The Morgan Library in New York City for sheer beauty of books in architecture, and the Wellcome Collection Reading Room for a thematic library with a bit of blood and guts.

Name a time when a book you’ve read enhanced your travel experience ?

I read Halldor Laxnes’s classic, Independent People, while traveling in Iceland. It gave insights into the harsh landscape, the ruggedness of the people and the rich history of Icelandic storytelling, legend and legacy in a way that a guidebook never could.

Favourite drink when reading?

Morning – Lady Grey with splash of oat milk

Evening – Laphroig neat

Favourite place to travel?

Italy – the food, the art, the literature, the architecture, the weather, the variety, you cannot go wrong.

How do you style your personal library?

When I first moved to London from Denver, Colorado seven years ago, I wasn’t able to bring any books. It was while staring at empty bookshelves in my first flat that I realised how vital books are to creating a cosy home. I frequently arrange and re-arrange my books on the shelves as I enjoy the discoveries that arise from new associations and juxtapositions. I like to arrange my books in general genre categories, interspersed with houseplants, tchotchkes and rocks collected on my travels.

What are your top 5 books?

The exercise of choosing five books is nearly impossible. What these top of mind choices revealed is that I am often drawn to literary worlds that are all-encompassing, vast and a little bit magical.

Sense and Sensibility 

By Jane Austin 

Hi Dark Materials

By Philip Pullman

The Dark Tower Series

By Stephen King 


By Haruki Murakami 

One Hundred Years of Solitude

By Gabriel Garcia Marquez