In case you haven’t heard, the UK has a very exciting holiday coming up at the beginning of June, to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. There are so many events happening around the country and in the capital to commemorate the Queen being the UK’s longest-reigning monarch. If you are not busy with a street party or an event elsewhere, then London will be the place to be. Outside of the fantastic celebrations taking place at Buckingham Palace, there are exhibitions, garden parties and concerts happening throughout London for everyone to get involved in. Of course, if you are planning to visit the capital over this weekend you will need somewhere suitable for royalty to stay – and we have two suggestions!

The Ampersand

First up we have the stunning Ampersand Hotel. Located in South Kensington bringing you within walking distance of some of London’s most famous districts.  Built in 1889, this boutique hotel is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the weekend’s festivities with its luxurious interiors. Whether you choose a single room or a suite, The Ampersand has carefully designed the experience to give you the best of the local area. The rooms are designed around five key themes botany, music, geometry, ornithology and astronomy. These themes give guests the perfect insight into the amazing museums they can visit in the immediate area. All within walking distance, you can find The Natural History Museum, The V&A Museum, and The Science Museum. Ultimate Library curated books for the rooms and the library to resonate with these themes, and to help guests get a great sense of place from the whole of London. Lucy Worsley’s Courtiers: The Secret History of Kensington Palace shows that while the area has always had its royal connections, the local residents of Kensington Palace have not always been nice as they seemed.

During the Platinum Jubilee weekend, there are plenty of events taking place in Kensington and South Kensington for guests to sink their teeth into. The Royal Albert Hall has an interactive concert on the 3rd of June with plenty of opportunities for all the family to join in. This would provide the perfect respite for families with younger children from all the other large events going on in the capital. The main activities happening over the Jubilee weekend are taking place in and around Buckingham Palace. Such as the Trooping of the Colour – an event that has marked the birthday of the Monarch for over 260 years. For anyone unlucky in the ticket draws, there are large screens being set up in St James’s Park so everyone has a chance to join in the festivities.  

The Beaumont

In another part of London, we have The Beaumont hotel, fresh from a refurbishment in 2021 by interior designer Thierry Despont. Situated in Mayfair the hotel keeps its art deco charms while being underpinned by 21st-century technology. The central location is great for overseas guests as it places you right in the heart of the West End and all its tourist attractions, this is particularly relevant for the Jubilee weekend. The Beaumont has many different room options for guests including an exciting suite designed by artist Anthony Gormley. The rooms and suites in this hotel also come ready stocked with books to inspire guests. Such books bring out the history of the hotel and its central London location with titles such as London Stories edited by Jerry White. This book shares the great literary tradition that London holds, from the works of Shakespeare to William Thackeray. There’s a host of authors who have tried to capture the essence of London and what it means to its residents.

The Beaumont hotel is also celebrating the Jubilee with the introduction of a Jubilee cocktail at the Le Magritte Bar, the cocktail highlights English ingredients from around the country to make something truly refreshing. Only 15 minutes away by Underground there is a brilliant exhibition beginning at the British Museum to celebrate the Jubilee. Starting on June 2nd visitors can explore an exhibition of Mary Gillick’s work – a sculptor who was invited to create a model of the Queen’s head for the 1953 UK coinage. The exhibition will celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of the Queen’s coronation and allow visitors to see the important work of a little-known female artist.