There is a huge amount of skill and time that goes in to carefully designing and crafting the covers and spines of books so that they not only stand out as an appetising purchase in a shop, but also to look beautiful on the shelf in their new home. The truth of the matter is, we really do judge a book by its cover.


The art on your walls and the fabrics you choose are signifiers of taste. Equally, a book collection not only has to match the aesthetic but is a window into your soul. Books are more than just a collection of words carefully put together on a piece of paper, books are coveted and beautiful objects in their own right. They don’t belong shoved in draws or hidden away in cupboards, whenever you go into a home where books reside you see them proudly standing to attention on shelves, or else lying resplendent on coffee tables, desks and kitchen counters.

People pay a lot of money for art, for something to decorate their walls with – only two months ago a Basquiat painting was sold for $110.5 million. To have a painting such as Basquiat’s hanging on your wall speaks a thousand words. It speaks of taste, of wealth, of artistic appreciation;. But, there are some alternative, perhaps more subtle ways to decorate your home…  what could be better than a library of books? Surely If a picture speaks a thousand words, then designing your home with a collection of books speaks a million!

In the same way that a colourful painting can transform an empty wall, a beautiful collection of books can breathe life into any room. They can bring a sense of gravity to a study, culture to a sitting room, nostalgia to a playroom, and homeliness to a bedroom.

A book shelf can be as much an artwork as a framed canvas. It can be as bright and beautiful as a Gaugin, as luxurious as a Klimt and as romantic as a Turner. Thus, books should be the ultimate tool for designing with. So, scroll down to find out list of books that will bring a certain curated design to any house or home…


Please scroll down to find our top recommended reads for interior designing with books:

Alexander McQueen Unseen

By Robert Fairer and Claire Wilcox

A true celebration of a paragon of the fashion world. McQueen’s name and elaborate designs are not only ubiquitous, but truly iconic.

Dalí. Les Dîners de Gala

By Salvador Dalí

Sometimes the most unlikely coupling makes for the most exciting. Dalí books provides us with a fascinating look at his weird and wonderful recipes that combine cooking with surrealism.

Entryways of Milan – Ingressi Di Milano

By Penny Sparke

This book provides you with a voyeuristic glance in to some of the most fabulous and opulent hallways of Milan. This illustrated book is as elegant and sumptuous as the interiors it depicts.

A Touch of Style

By Carlos Mota

Inspirational and sensational, Mota lays bare his life’s work as an interior designer through rich and vibrant pictures of the magnificent homes that he has waved his magical design wand over.

Giambattista Valli

By Giambattista Valli and Francesco Clemente

Famed for his romantic fashion designs, this book pays homage to some of his most sensational and dramatic clothes, and is an art work in itself.

The Collected Novellas of Stefan Zweig: Burning Secret, A Chess Story, Fear, Confusion, Journey to the Past

By Stefan Zweig

Read this collection of unforgettable novellas that will grip you at each turn of their often remarkable and profound mediations on love and obsession.

The Collected Stories of Stefan Zweig (Deluxe Edition)

By Stefan Zweig

A spectacular and masterful collection of Zweig’s short stories that show human nature at its very best, and its very worst.



The Duchamp Dictionary

By Thomas Girst

Unpretentious and accessible, Girst presents us with his fascinating and original musings on Duchamp – the ingenious and complex father of modern art.



East London Swimmers

By Madeleine Waller

A beautiful series that captures Hackney in all its richness and diversity in this stunning photographic story.