Earlier this year, we were asked to curate a book collection for the new Fairmont hotel in Amman, Jordan including a comprehensive collection of children’s books.

Providing amenities for little guests is nothing new in the world of hospitality and travel, however the resurgence demand for books and reading is. The brief interest in digital forms of entertainment and education have lost their sparkle.

Here at Ultimate Library we are seeing ever-growing demand for traditional books for both adults and children seeking a digital detox while travelling and loving the simple pleasure and authenticity of books on paper.

In the case of Fairmont Amman, we put together a collection of circa 300 books for children. We split the book collection into age groups starting at 4+ and finishing with 14+ as this was most helpful to hotel staff looking to advise guests on what to read and what to expect in term of ease of reading.

The 300-strong book collection was split across the kid’s club and the suites which are normally booked out by families with young children. Most the collection was placed in the kid’s club as these hotel areas are immensely popular for the fact that they allow the high-energy children to play in a safe and isolated zone that will not disturb other guests.

Many of the books in the collection are well-known classics that children will find comfort in while being away from home. Books have a great ability to re-create a sense of homeliness in an otherwise foreign surrounding. Some of the international classics we decided to include at the Fairmont Amman were; the Harry Potter series, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Peter Pan, and books by Roald Dahl including the BFG and Matilda.

As a bespoke book supply service, Ultimate Library sought to create a unique collection that really spoke to the hotel and its guests. Therefore, we considered the fact that many of the guests staying at the Fairmont would be domestic travellers from in and around the Middle East. Many of these travellers do not have English as a first language. To work around this, we supplied several illustrated books which were pretty picture books for girls and boys – pictures are a universal language. Thinking ahead and including book options, is how Ultimate Library best serves its clients.  We go beyond supply and delivery to provide expert knowledge and consultation on having the right books.

We supplemented the book collection with children’s DVDs. In total, we provided 40 DVDs which included a unique blend of new releases, classics from Disney, and popular TV series. Again, we organised the collection by age appropriate titles so that hotel staff could advise on what was best for the little guests in their hotel.



“Ultimate Library has a winning combination of expertise and efficiency creating a bespoke book collection, that perfectly suits the design and the spirit of the Fairmont Amman to educate, entertain and inspire. Both the children’s book collection and the main library have been curated with impressive skill and have successfully brought a personal yet elegant feeling to the hotel”  – Mr. Christian Sack – General Manager, Fairmont Amman