When travelling around some of the most luxurious hotels in Switzerland, one starts to note that they all seem to have one element in common, whether they are city based or a mountain resort they all have a Cigar Lounge, with some of the finest cigar collections imaginable. So it was no surprise when we were asked to work with the Bürgenstock Selection’s most recent Hotel, Royal Savoy, Lausanne on their new book collection for their refurbished rooms, that they also wanted a selection of finest books for the new Cigar Lounge.


Cigar Lounge at Royal Savoy Lausanne


Sitting in the heart of Lausanne and a short walk from Lake Geneva, Switzerland, the Art Nouveau five star hotel hotel was originally built in 1909. However the hotel closed in 2010 for five years to go through an intense restoration project to rejuvenate the beautiful building, to become a landmark Swiss hotel completing in November 2015.  Boasting 196 rooms and suites, restaurant, spa, and Sky Terrace on the roof providing guests with incredible views of the Lake and the surrounding area, the refurbished Royal Savoy has been transformed to represent the very best of luxury travel and style, complemented by an elegant yet contemporary design.

Ultimate Library was asked to partner with the Bürgenstock Selection on the Hotel Royal Savoy during the restoration project in 2014. Working with the hotel and wider Bürgenstock team, Ultimate Library proposed a multi element collection of books for a number of areas within the hotel, including the Function Room, Spa, Rooms, Suites and Cigar Lounge.

With a focus on the Cigar Lounge, Ultimate Library used the interior joinery drawings and mock up images of the bookcases, to determine the estimated quantities of books needed to fill the shelves, and how to create the right look and feel for the room.

As the room had a modern but classic feel to it, it was decided that the top shelves would have books for the look but not to be used by guests, so Ultimate Library provided a selection of modern cloth classics to be placed here. On the lower shelves easily reached by guests, it was crucial to provide guests with a range of luxury titles suited to a Cigar Lounge.


Cigar Lounge Royal Savoy Lausanne


Books were selected using a number of key components including; to reflect the guest demographic, from local Swiss holiday makers to further afield tourists. To meet the tastes of these various travellers and cigar aficionados, books were chosen in a blend of English, French and German.

Titles were hand picked in a range of formats; reading and reference titles were selected, as well as a mix of regular and large format illustrated books to capture the surrounding Swiss location and culture, from; local history, Swiss landscape, Lake Geneva, current interests and local fiction. To reflect the Art Nouveau architectural design and history of the hotel, titles were selected to better inform and inspire guests about the building they were staying in as well as books on more wider interests in art and architecture. Lastly and more importantly books were curated to meet the theme of the room, that of a luxury Cigar Lounge for before and after dinner relaxation. Titles on a range of luxury interests were selected from from fine wine an spirits to fine food, fashion, luxury pursuits, travel and of course a good selection of the best cigar anthologies for guests to better inform themselves on cigar connoisseurship.

See below for some of the top Cigar books selected for this project.

The Cuban Cigar Handbook 

by Matteo Speranza, Carlo DeVito and Denis Toulouse

The aficionados guide to the best Cuban cigars in the world. The Cuban Cigar Handbook is a detailed history of Cuban cigars, with short essays on celebrity cigar smokers (including Winston Churchill and Ernest Hemingway) and fascinating explorations of the roles of tobacco growers and cigar hand-rollers. Explaining every element of cigar production, from the types of tobacco used and how they are rolled to advice on choosing your first humidor.

The Cigar – Moments of Pleasure

by Morten Ehrhorn & Justin Hummerston

This book is based on a fundamental fascination with cigars and everything to do with them: their history, production, how you enjoy them and, not least, the people who smoke them. You will find descriptions of how the wonderful cigars are made in all the great cigar nations of the world: Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, the USA and so on. By the help of a selection of breathtaking photographs and illustrative explanations, the reader is invited into the fabulous world of cigars.

The Cigar World Hardcover 

by Cosima M. Aichholzer

The cigar has been a symbol for the special and extraordinary in the luxury market for centuries, . The cigar is a recreational luxury item in high demand, a combination of craftsmanship and tradition with a cult following that is hard to top. Connoisseur and cigar expert Cosima Aichholzer is one of the world s leading authorities on cigars. Take a look with her at at the exclusive places to enjoy the best cigars as well as exclusive accessories, custom-made humidors, luxurious lighters, and many other items.

The Ultimate Cigar Book

by Richard Carleton Hacker