The health and wellness industry is currently booming and with this recent surge, there comes an increased interest in literature surrounding self-care. Ultimate Library recently curated a bespoke collection of books for Caudalie Spa in Islington. This tailored collection worked to reflect the interests of their clientele, improve brand awareness and develop the narrative of the rich and unique history and culture that underly this company.

The beauty and skincare specialists with vines at their centre have created a huge following all over the world, and as well as their extensive range of plant-based beauty products, they now own several boutiques and spas across the globe. For the opening of their Boutique Spa in Islington, Ultimate Library put together a fantastic book collection inspired by nature and wellness to help complement and extend the Caudalie Brand.

The company has a wonderfully serendipitous story at its centre with the idea for Caudalie beginning at Château Smith Haut Lafitte, the estate belonging to founder Mathilde’s parents. When Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas were told that grape seeds contain the most powerful antioxidants in the world by leading pharmacist Joseph Vercauteren they decided it was time to put these to use. Rather than discarding them, they created their own skincare products using the natural power of the seeds. The company started on a very small scale at the beginning, with Mathilde and Bertrand travelling around France to sell their products. Stemming from a wine term that relates to the unit of measurement of time that a flavour lingers on the palette, Caudalie, has now become a huge name in terms of the health and wellness industry and they own spas and boutiques all over the world.

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Caudalie Spa Collection

Caudalie Spa are also great champions of natural ingredients and they firmly believe that nature is the best source of luxury when it comes to our skin. All ingredients are 100% naturally sourced, with no harmful toxins or preservatives used. As well as this, the company is dedicated to helping to source natural ingredients effectively, with minimal damage to the environment.

A collection of luxury books seemed like the perfect addition to their services and Ultimate Library created a unique and select library for their Boutique in Islington, London. Located near the trendy, Camden Passage, the spa is the perfect place to receive a relaxing treatment or to buy one of their fantastic products.

While customers wait for a Vinotherapie Treatment, they can leisurely browse the shelves and learn a little more about nature, health care and their skin. With titles which aimed to reflect the interests of their clientele, the collection contained various different books on wellness. For example, the illustrated title, ‘Oasis: Wellness Spas and Relaxation’ helps to add a sense of peace with its luxury cover and design, whilst ‘Pretty Iconic : A Personal Look at the Beauty Products That Changed the World,’ will give a brief history of the world’s leading beauty products and what has made them so successful.

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A view of the shelves

As well as books relating to the industry, titles surrounding the company’s rich and fruitful history were also selected to give an insight into the story that brought the brand to life. Several French titles were interspersed throughout to reflect the founders’ heritage. As the brand is really rooted in the vines of Bordeaux, books that had a deep and rich link to France were important in this selection.

Given Caudalie’s strong connection to wine, Ultimate Library also chose a few titles relating to the industry itself, such as, ‘The Food And Wine Of France: Eating & Drinking from Champagne to Provence,’ as well as, ‘Inventing Wine: A New History of One of the World’s Most Ancient Pleasures.’ These are sure to add history and culture into the mix, as well as educating clients on the strong and exciting vocabulary when it comes to the process of producing wine.

Although this collection was fairly small, with just over 50 titles, even a limited number of books can add an incredibly unique touch to any space. It elevates the interior as well as providing a sense of warmth and homeliness. It also shows that the company have put a touch of extra thought and inspiration into their business and that they pride their customers’ satisfaction and welfare in their approach. This helps to engage guests and customers, as well as looking beautiful. In fact, for this collection, Ultimate Library provided colour coded book spines to complement the décor of the boutique.

Spa collections are proving increasingly popular, especially when it comes to hotels and resorts and there has been a huge rise in interest in these collections. This increase matches a rise in interest in the health and wellness industry in general. There are now thousands of excellent books on the market that specialise in self-care, wellness, nutrition and health. With so many excellent titles available to include in these collections, the curation process becomes increasingly more tailored.

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