As expert book curators of collections for all types of properties, from luxury resorts in the Maldives to private homes in the UK, at Ultimate Library a large part of our work consists of finding books on the perfect themes, in the ideal style for the perfect locations in your property.

For our festive issue, as opposed to our usual themed booklist, we have decided to choose a selection of books to decorate each of the rooms in your home at Christmas time. These books are ideal for their content specificity, but they also act as beautiful and sumptuous decoration for the corners of any house during the festive season and beyond. The beauty of books, in many ways, is their sustainability and durability. Unlike other household accessories, they stand the test of time, whilst also providing a wonderful source of education and entertainment. With everyone spending more time than ever at home, it is so important to feel comfortable, relaxed and inspired within your own four walls. All of these books will also make ideal gifts for any member of the family!

To show our support for all the independent bookshops out there this Christmas, we’d like to link you to our sister bookshop in South Kensington via All of these titles are available to buy online or in person from our team of booksellers! Please follow this link to find this list of titles, where you can purchase any number of books, whilst also supporting independent shops like South Kensington Books this Christmas time.

The Kitchen

The heart and centre of any home, and of course, one of the most important places for cooking, sharing meals and family time! Browsing delicious recipes in sumptuous cookery books is almost as wonderful as actually making them…

The Study

Although Christmas is often a time to get away from the office, it’s also a busy time for people in many industries. These are the ideal titles for those workaholics who can find relief in the expertise of entrepreneurs, politicians and scientists during the festive period.

The Living Room

It’s wonderful to have a collection of stylish and elegant covers on your coffee table or sideboard in the living room. For browsing, intrigue and a touch of luxury, these are perfect for any living area and will automatically make a room feel homelier and more complete.

The Master Bedroom

Just before the lights go out is often a great time to get a couple of chapters in. More importantly, reading before bedtime is said to help induce a deeper, more restful sleep. These fiction titles are all perfect for unwinding in the evening and great to dip into when you have a little bit of extra time!

The Bathroom

One of the best places to enjoy a good read – whilst soaking in a lovely bath and escaping from the chaos of Christmas-tide. Add those lavender bath salts and let the world go!

The Children’s Playroom

Ideal as gifts, perfect for entertainment, all with a festive edge. These children’s books will help keep the crowd distracted and bring even more with their joy.

To find the complete list of these titles and many more and order any of them online, please visit this website.