There is no love sincerer than the love of food.’  George Bernard Shaw


Little did Bernard Shaw know just quite how enamoured we would become with food, and quite how earnest our love would be, over a century after writing this famous line…

Food, and our concept of it, has morphic qualities and associations. It has been made sexy by Nigella, scientific by Heston, healthy by Jamie and downright colourful (in more ways than one!) by Mr. G. Ramsey.

Fine dining, gastro pubs, pop up restaurants, hipster cafés, Masterchef, The Great British Bake Off and even Come Dine With Me – let’s face it, we are a nation hungry for all things food, whether that involves consuming it or just marvelling at mouth-watering photographs.

We have a veritable smorgasbord of restaurants, cuisines and cookbooks to feast upon. We have assimilated the best of food from all over the globe, meaning that we can experience a culinary world tour in just three meals; tasting the classic full English for breakfast, savouring the flavour of Japanese sushi for lunch and topping off the day nicely with an Italian carbonara for supper. And the best thing about it… we don’t have to leave our homes to enjoy all of this!

Cookbooks have opened up other gastronomic worlds to us, bringing tastes and flavours from the world over to our kitchens.

Please scroll down to find our delectable list of weird, wonderful and classic cookbooks that have taken inspiration from all corners and cultures of the earth.



The Middle Eastern Vegetarian Cookbook

By Salma Hage

Fresh and exciting, this book has brought a new an exotic perspective on vegetarian and Middle Eastern cooking.

The Great Dixter Cookbook: Recipes from and English Garden

By Aaron Bertelsen

A comprehensive and easy-to-read guide on how not only to cook your produce but grow it too.

Ducksoup Cookbook: The Wisdom of Simple Cooking

By Claire Lattin and Tom Hill

Filled with simple and sumptuous recipes that come from all over the world, this is a must have for any cook.

Japanese Patisserie: Exploring the Beautiful and Delicious Fusion of East Meets West

By James Campbell

For the more competent pastry chefs this book is a breath of fresh air detailing stunning recipes that fuse French and Japanese traditions and ingredients.

On Eating Insects: Essays, Stories and Recipes 

By Josh Evans

A beautifully illustrated book bursting with recipes and essays that look at the cultural, political and ecological implication of eating insects.


Nose to Tail Eating: A Kind of British Cooking

By Fergus Henderson

This book does what it says on the tin with humour and sophistication. A celebration of wholesome traditional British cooking.



Madhur Jaffrey’s Ultimate Curry Bible

By Madhur Jaffrey

Madhur, the world’s bestselling Indian cookery author, has produced the ultimate anthology of curries. This comprehensive book covers everything from Indian, Thai and even French recipes.

European Peasant Cookery

By Elisabeth Luard

This is a book stuffed full of delightful traditional recipes and fascinating European culinary history. Luard will not only bring to life your dining table, but life to local history and folklore.

Roast Chicken and Other Stories: A Recipie Book

By Simon Hopkinson

A timeless book that pays homage to the unpretentious and unassuming cook.



French Provincial Cooking

By Elizabeth David

David’s book has been hailed as one of the most influential cookbooks of our time, and rightly so. A collection of recipes and thoughtful essays, this book should be the keystone to any cook’s library.