Ultimate Library were lucky enough to interview Noor Charchafchi about her career in design. Noor is a London based interior designer, with a strong portfolio that shows her ability to provide inspirational interiors for both the luxury residential and commercial interior design sector.

She provides an outstanding level of service and always exceeds her clients expectations not only by understanding their needs and aspirations and interpreting these into the creation of beautiful bespoke luxury homes but also by improving their functionality and usability.

In 2014, Noor established Celine Interior Design, a world-leading and award winning luxury interior design practice designing the most exclusive portfolio of homes across the UK and globally. She talks to Ultimate Library about some of the challenges of starting her own business and the books that inspired her style and career.

1. What made you want to start Celine Interior Design?

A love for all things design and creativity. I did my Art A levels years ago and I suppose I have always been a secret painter at heart and I used to sing for the English National Opera as well as just having a pure passion for everything design from Art to fashion and art history. I guess in the end it was just always meant to be. 

2. What were the 3 biggest challenges you faced when starting your own business?

I had no idea what I was doing from a business perspective, as an ex-aviation finance lawyer I was ultimately employed by a company that ran as a business but I had no idea how to do it myself. I also just didn’t know what the ‘design process’ involved, I learnt years later that there is no right or wrong way to the process of designing and there are also no set rules, every company forms its own and that really took time to get comfortable with.

Now I love that, that in itself gives you and your business an intense opportunity to create not just from a design perspective but from a business one. I think that the biggest challenge of all was really the mental one that I had to get myself over which was, can I do actually this. Now I think what is more important than anything in starting a business is getting yourself to a point where you know you can do it and do it brilliantly because you have the right expertise.

3. Sustainability is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment. How do you see this affecting interior design in the coming years?

I don’t love the word itself, it feels very clinical to me, but I love what it represents, creating timeless design which is not only what we do but what we see for the future of a space.

4. Which 3 books would you say have had the biggest impact on your career? Or have inspired your designs?

All the Jane Austen classics were definitely big loves of mine. I think I loved them because they were such beautiful literary escapes and yet they still felt close enough to be real. For me growing up, they definitely also encouraged my visual imagination of the surroundings of these beautiful impactful rooms filled with grand pianos and leisurely corners. 

Another favourite book of mine was Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk To Freedom, he is definitely an incredibly inspiring leader and I think understanding leadership in its many different forms is important to me as a business owner. 

5. Are there any new exciting projects you’re working on at the moment that you would like to share with us?

Yes, so many! I am so privileged to be working on a number of international projects at the moment and that is really something I didn’t see coming in the way that it has. It has been such an honour to watch the business grow and now to see it grow internationally is more exciting than I could put into words. 

Ultimate Library would like to say a huge thank you to Noor for being our design expert this month and sharing her experiences with us. To find out more about Celine Interior Design visit their website. To follow on social media, please find her @celineinteriordesign.