For the lucky few, Valentine’s Day is an eagerly anticipated date in the cultural calendar. It holds a sense of great expectation – a thoughtful gift, a nice meal or even a proposal. For those fortunate romancers, Valentine’s brings with it a kaleidoscopic cocktail of ardent (and more importantly, reciprocated) declarations of love, with a dollop of infatuation and a sprinkling of celebration.

However, Valentine’s Day can be a lonely labyrinth of rom-coms and comfort eating that singletons must try to navigate – all the while avoiding kissing couples, swerving bouquets, escaping clinking champagne glasses and torrents of couple photographs that hit you like grenades as you scroll down your Instagram.

But fear not, Ultimate Library will not let you go solo this year, for we have picked you the perfect date and the perfect bed partner.

‘Not possible!’, we hear you cry. ‘Can’t be true!’, we hear you sceptics whisper. Well it is, and we have.

We have lined you up a list of five delectable suitors who will keep you entertained this Valentine’s. These suitors will not ask you to split the bill, they will not forget to write you a card and they most certainly won’t cancel on you last minute. But, they will give you an answer to that loaded question we all dread, ‘what are your plans this Valentine’s ?’, to which you must answer, with a sly grin on your face, ‘well actually I’m all booked up!’.


Please scroll down to find the sensational list of bachelors and bachelorettes that we have selected to cosy up with you on this Valentine’s night.

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Paul Auster

One boy, four different lives each set on their own diverging path. Auster presents us with engagingly poetic portraits of the life of a young boy growing up in New York. ‘Auster’s writing is stunning’ – Spectator

Love and War in the Apennines

By Eric Newby

An achingly beautiful and courageous story of how love can be forged from the darkest and most hopeless of places.



The Wimbledon Poisoner

By Nigel Williams

Style and wit to rival even P.G. Wodehouse, Williams’s cocktail of an unhappy marriage and a bored husband leads to a side-splittingly-funny tale made up of a series of unfortunate events.



The Course of Love

By Alain de Botton

A funny and candid modern day love story. De Botton shows us the intricacies and intimacies of a relationship from the blazing rows to the small but loving gestures. Finally – a starkly honest love story that we can all relate to.

The Course of Love

By Alain de Botton

Hailed as one of the most influential and scandalous novels of the nineteenth century, this book is packed with eroticism, passion, infidelity and outrage. Flaubert’s ability to shape such lifelike characters is a testament to his unremitting brilliance as an author and a wordsmith.