With the last day of summer having passed we’re officially into Autumn and that means we’re swapping long evenings out in warm weather for cosy nights in with culinary delights. If you need a little cooking inspiration, Ultimate Library have prepared the ultimate cookery book list that features titles every executive chef will have in their kitchens.  From the Italian classics you’ve always wanted to learn to mastering the art of spice with authentic Indian dishes, we’ve got you covered!

Elizabeth David Cookbook

1. Elizabeth David – Classics

This stunning book collates the best works of infamous food writer, Elizabeth David. It is a must-have on the shelves of the cooking elite. David’s recipes optimise the best of simple ingredients and bring culture and lifestyle to the kitchen table, they’re essential to anyone who loves the art of cooking. Jane Grigson perfectly encapsulated the importance of her dishes in her introduction – “they have been necessary to my generation, they will be necessary to our children and grandchildren.”

Fergus Henderson Whole Beast Cookbook

2. The Whole Beast – Fergus Henderson

A chef’s favourite choice, this ground-breaking book brought the concept of making the most of every part of an animal or plant to our tables. Henderson’s renowned restaurant, St. John, attracts droves of cooking fans and chefs throughout the year. Despite the book sounding very much like an ode to meat, Henderson has also extended this concept to using every bit of everything he cooks with in order to reduce the amount of waste in commercial kitchens.

Yotam Ottolenghi Plenty

3. Plenty – Yotam Ottolenghi

A hero of the contemporary culinary world, Ottolenghi’s Plenty celebrates the power of vegetables as he has created hundreds of wonderful vegetarian and vegan recipes in this wonderful book. This one is sure to get chefs thinking outside the box, whilst remaining true to the simplicity and flavour of seasonal ingredients and classic combinations.

Madhur Jaffrey Ultimate Curry Bible

4. Ultimate Curry Bible – Madhur Jaffrey

A hero of Indian cuisine, Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Bible, is a how-to-guide in everything spice-related. Her broad knowledge of what it means to cook with spice is an essential lesson for any cook or chef embarking on a culinary endeavour. Part-history, part-cookery, this book is a comprehensive masterclass on how to make delicious dishes with spices.

Nigel Slater The Kitchen Diaries

5. The Kitchen Diaries – Nigel Slater

A well-loved household name Nigel Slater compiles a recipe for everyday of the year in this inspirational book. Certain to keep you eating seasonal, The Kitchen Diaries is a homage to cooking as a lifestyle and is really a labour of love. His easy recipes emphasise simplicity and provide everyday inspiration for chefs with busy schedules.

Marcella Hazan Cookbook

6. The Essentials of Classic Cooking – Marcella Hazan

Widely regarded as one of the most gifted Italian chefs, Hazan offers a masterclass in Italian food for everyone of any ability. From soups, to risottos, this is really everything you need to know about authentic Italian food and it is most likely sitting proudly on the shelves of any top chef today.

Larousse Gastronomique

7. Larousse Gastronomique – Prosper Montagne

The reference book for Classical cookery, this will be at the centre of every chef’s cookery library. With an extensive range of recipes, tips and cooking styles, this is a real necessity for anyone who wants to get into the world of cookery. The book was originally created in 1938 by Prosper Montagne, since then it was updated in 2009 to include over 85 biographies of chefs, and it really is a sort of cookery bible.

Claudia Roden Cookbook

8. A New Book of Middle Eastern Food – Claudia Roden

Following on from her hugely successful Book of Middle Eastern Food published in 1968, which changed the West’s attitude to Middle Eastern cookery, Roden has now collected and collated a wealth of new recipes and culinary wisdom from the Middle East. This book will educate both the experienced chef and the fledging cook on a range of dishes, from banquet lamb to humble but delicious peasant fare.

Momofuku Cookbook

9. Momofuku – David Chang and Peter Meehan

Last but not least is this fabulous book which details a generous array of the dishes which put David Chang’s award-winning restaurants on the map. From ramen to pork buns, this book will give anyone who loves food an insight into the dishes that allowed David Chang to revolutionise the culinary landscapes of the USA with Asian flair and flavour.