Ultimate Library consists of passionate book experts who curate carefully designed book collections to meet every brief. Our personalised service takes care of every aspect of the library, from design, curation, logistics, installation and strategic optimisation.

With our comprehensive book knowledge and the supporting expertise of our partnering network of publishers, consultants, suppliers and authors, each book collection is designed to educate, entertain and inspire, and is tailored to the property’s location and client interests.

We believe that books, whether in a dedicated library, expertly stacked on a coffee tables, or in bedrooms and suites add warmth, texture and soul to any property.


“During a recent stay at the lovely Yeatman hotel in Porto, I immediately felt more at home in my room because it was furnished with a wonderful assortment of books about Porto and Portugal. One of the most wonderful amenities any hotel can offer is an intelligently selected library” – Andrew Harper, Hideaway Report, guest at Yeatman hotel in Portugal

“I came across an Ultimate Library 18 months ago at a hotel in Cheltenham and stood looking at a wall of books in the lobby area and gradually realised that it wasn’t your average hotel book selection.” – Sally Oram, Guest at The Montpellier Chapter

The Ultimate Library team have been indispensable partners in the process of making The Ampersand what it is today. With a heavy emphasis on contemporary cosmopolitan design, it was essential for us to work with a service provider who could understand and stay true to our identity whilst creating an additional desirable experience for our guests; in this case a dedicated library. – Roberto Pajares, General Manager , The Ampersand

We were so pleased with the bespoke collection of books Ultimate Library Curated for Agama Mara. Many of our guests have enjoyed reading the various titles and often remark on how wonderful it is to have access to interesting books that otherwise wouldn’t have been thought of. – Nicky Fitzgerald, Agama Mara Owner

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