The Short Story

As seasoned travellers and bibliophiles, we were often surprised by the poor quality of books provided by hotels for their guests. So with our publishing background and the ambition to improve hotels’ book collections, we established Ultimate Library in 2007.

We have always enjoyed reading about the places we visit, discovering through literature stories that best capture that sense of place, whether fiction, traveller’s tales or even poetry. Reading has always been an integral part of every holiday we have been on.

We are dedicated to building bespoke book collections for hotels, resorts, private residences and retail spaces around the world by providing them with titles that reflect their local neighbourhood.




I believe that books should not only compliment the interior decor and look good but also inform, educate and inspire. We call it intelligent luxury.

Philip Blackwell, Founder and CEO


Community Library Donation Programme

The challenge

Nearly 750 million people in the world are illiterate. It still remains a major challenge especially in emerging markets. And this inhibits economic opportunity and growth.

We at Ultimate Library are committed to creating a better educated world. We believe that books are a key building block of the education system for their entertainment value and the inspiration they provide.

Our approach

Many of our clients help to support their local community through employment, education and other means. We too wish to play our part in this, so for every hotel library we supply, we will help donate a reading and reference library to the local institute of their choice. Together we will create a better educated world.

Our objectives are simple – we want to:

– Accelerate learning through access to high quality books and reading materials.

– Increase literacy in schools and local communities and integrate library resources into children’s learning environments.

– Make it last by fostering local accountability through training of librarians and/or teachers to ensure the libraries are well run     and prosper.

How to engage?

Today every new hotel we supply is offered a community library as part of their contract. All we ask in return is that you make a commitment to meet a few simple criteria.

To learn more about how to work with us on this project please contact us on