Offering a turnkey solution, we provide an expert service to make your collection simple and easy to manage.

In our experience the key to the success of your library is ensuring that it is properly laid out, commutated and maintained from day one.

These solutions demonstrate how Ultimate Library are able to break your requirements down into specific sections and allow for each library implemented to be finely tuned to the customer’s wishes, the style and location of the property, as well as customer demographics.

Our Collections


We consult on a number of operational standards to integrate the collection of books into your system. We know what are the best books for your locations, what’s on trend, what titles are coming out soon and which ones will benefit you. We work with you to develop and refine a collection of titles that best reflects the key attributes and interests of your property. We curate your bespoke book collection from a range of competitive title price points, which are often cheaper than the high street due to our smart sourcing approach. Researching the themes at the beginning of the project allows us time to scour publishers and our suppliers for that perfect book for you!

More than a book supply, we provide a total solution and guidance on how to effectively communicate the library to users. Through experience, we know everything there is to know about books, from the content down to achieving the right look for you. Besides, we have insight into what people read where and we can thus adapt our book selection to the customers’ tastes.

Book sets


Working with you we provide a design service for specially printed media to be used in conjunction with the library collection, which includes bespoke bookplates and bookmarks, as a part of your Library operating kits. These help to clearly communicate the collection to your guests and act as a call to arms, plus bookmarks are a great way in providing low cost giveaways to your guests. We can also advise on the stylistic guidance on the library branding to help maintain a consistent look and feel.



For hotels, we know the best way to layout your collection with a focus on category division plus the look and feel, to make the library appear user friendly and attracting your guests to engage with it during their stay. Before set up we optionally visit each location in advance to gain a greater understanding of the local area and how best to implement your book collection, working with your team to identify how the book programme can be a valued amenity. In addition, we offer on-site training for property staff on how to advertise and maintain the Library.


For private clients and interior designers, we are able to visit your property and dress the shelves for you, often saving you considerable time and effort. We can work with your team, advising on the incorporation of objet in and around the shelving.