Nothing can trigger memories of childhood more than the songs buried in our sub-conscious. Some of the greatest feelings of nostalgia can be conjured from the music we heard our parents play growing up, the voices of our favourite singers as adolescents or a harmony from lullabies once sung to us.


We listen to music to elevate ourselves, loose ourselves and even to experience feelings of pain. Music is a therapy that can help us express any and every emotion. We can associate certain genres to different people and different places. Hearing a single song by chance on the radio can evoke a thousand images from a time you barely think of any more, but the sound can recharge that memory and the feelings that came with it.


A piece of music tells a story, taking you on a journey from the slow delicate introduction, gradually building in speed and suspense to reach its powerful crescendo – as with any great narrative.


Music was one of the first forms of oral storytelling. Ancient traditions used chants, song and poetry to pass stories from generation to generation. Often modern music can express the story of a single protagonist. From Johnny Cash to Eminem, every artist is a storyteller each with it’s own audience.


With the start of a New Year and the passing of an old one, why not put your feet up and put a record on, so as to tap into some of those forgotten memories and escape into the past once more.


Alternatively, you can choose to lose yourself in the pages of one of these great reads on music;

Born to Run Bruce Springsteen
Born to Run 
By Bruce Springsteen

Not just for Bruce Springsteen fans, the memoirs of this iconic rock star are legendary! Experience the extraordinary life of this creative genius through his own words.

Voices, How A Great Singer Can Change Your Life Nick Coleman

Voices: How A Great Singer Can Change Your Life
By Nick Coleman

Delve into the unanswered questions we have always wondered about singing, with Nick Colemans’ Novel. Focusing on some of the world’s greatest singers and why their songs affect us so much.

Being Wagner: The Triumph of Will by Simon Callow

Being Wagner: The Triumph of the Will
By Simon Callow

Described as a genius and a maniac, calling this composer eccentric would be an understatement, but the book will give you insight into how Richard Wagner created some of the most incredible compositions of all time.

Absolutely On Music 
By Murakami Ozawa

The combination of a fantastic writer and music lover and a great conductor coming together to share their insights into the music world makes for perceptive read with plenty of witty anecdotes.


Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks

By Oliver Sacks

Musicophilia takes a look into our relationship with music, it combines both science and the art form itself. It’s an interesting and engaging case study on the subject.


Le Freak
By Nile Rodgers

‘I’m a record producer and songwriter; I’m a problem-solver.’  Take a journey through the world of modern pop through the life of renowned music Producer, Nile Rodgers.


‘I'm a record producer and songwriter; I'm a problem-solver.’ Take a journey through the world of modern pop through the life of renowned music Producer, Nile Rodgers.

Music for Life: 100 Works to Carry You Through
By Fiona Maddocks

This book is perfect for a novice or a know-it-all when it comes to song. Find out what the top 100 classic music pieces are from the past nine centuries.

Comparing notes: How to make Sense of Music by Adam Ockelford

Comparing Notes: How we make sense of Music
By Adam Okelford

Adam Okleford seeks to help his readers make sense of music, why it affects us and how it can neurologically aid those with concentration problems in this in-depth and entertaining book.

How Music Works
By David Bryne

From Wagnerian Opera Houses to small African Villages, David Bryne uses his passion for music to explore the many forms it takes in different cultures in his incisive and intriguing book.

Detroit 67: The Year That Changed Soul by Stuart Cosgrove

Detroit 67: The Year That Changed Soul
By Stuart Cosgrove

The Motor City was rife with police corruption, political scandal and gun crime in ‘67. This page-turner takes a look at the coming of age year for soul music in the heart of its birth place, Detroit.



Written By Lily Thorne