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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do books get selected for a collection?

Working together with a client we will identify relevant categories as well as specific themes important for the property in question. We spend a week researching relevant and interesting titles that make up a bespoke library. Sourcing, packing and delivery varies on quantity and location but can take as little as a fortnight.

What if we have a special book or language request?

Special books or books that are no longer in print can be requested, however, they may take longer to arrive. Libraries are supplied in the English Language. However, upon request, we supply books in other languages including French, German, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

What if we already have a library?

We are more than happy to consider the existing titles in your library and offer our thought on how to improve it. The other thing to remember is that with the thousands of new titles coming out every week, the only way to maintain the library’s relevance is to update it at regular intervals.

What if we prefer to rent books?

Renting offers an alternative solution to buying if you need books for just a short period of time. You can always decide to own the collection at a later date by purchasing the titles for the list price minus the total rental cost.

How do we prevent books from being taken?

In our experience, placing an ex-libris on the front page that asks guests to use and then return is remarkably powerful. Pick the right location for the library and assign a dedicated library champion. A full set of recommendations is in the Operational Guidelines.

How do we prevent books from damage?

All books suffer wear and tear; it’s the nature of paper. We recommend hardcover rather than paperback as they are harder wearing. We then ask that you dust the collection as a part of the property’s housekeeping. Alternatively, we also offer a cover lamination service.

What if someone wants to buy a book?

We provide a database of titles and prices with each library that provides a reference for costing individual titles. In practice it becomes a matter of judgement and we leave it up to our clients to decide.

Who manages the Library after installation?

They key to success is to have a Library Champion who will learn the operational routine. ”I very quickly learned the book layout and could easily see what was missing” Library Champion, Hilton Hotel London.

How do we get back in touch?

We are always available to talk on email at or on the phone at +44 (0) 207 589 2916.