Winter is now upon you. The summer has been kind to you, she has seen you languishing on white sandy beaches, she watched as you sipped on scrumptious Pimm’s in a sun kissed pub garden, and she saw you counting, with delight, a new cluster of freckles that seemed to appear on your face ever day. Every night you slipped in between your crisp white sheets and thought of the morrow, happy in the knowledge that floaty skirts or linin shirts would be the order of the day.


This summer ecstasy however, soon dissolves into the anxious realisation that these blissful days are numbered, and that winter is coming. Winter is a funny ol’ time of year. You approach the encroaching winter season with the same dread of seeing an ex boyfriend. You spend the summer months dreading it, thinking only of his drizzle and darkness, of his cold days and sub-zero nights, and of how he made you shiver at the thought of stepping outside into his cold embrace. But as with all things that we dread, when that meeting finally arrives we suddenly realise how much we once loved winter. Burning fire hearths that warm our cockles, Christmas cheer, mulled wine and electrifying storms.


Winter maybe the twilight of the year, but it is also the dawn of a new and exciting chapter of our annum.


So let us celebrate this wondrous and magical season and indulge in the warmth of the pages of a good book:


By Ali Smith

Smith’s second novel in her Seasonal collection is a hark back to the true winter classics. Her wonderful prose evokes the bleak and frosty nature of winter whilst still managing to produce a warm and funny tale.

The Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom

By Slavomir Rawicz

A remarkable tale of human survival against all of the odds. Rawicz’s extraordinary tale of an escape from a Siberian Gulag in 1939 will have you hooked on every word.

A Game of Thrones

By George R. R. Martin

With phrases like ‘winter is coming’ and characters named ‘John SNOW’ it would be remiss of us to omit this book from our seasonal list. Not only that, but it has been dubbed as one of the greatest fantasy epics of our time. So get reading.

The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe

By C. S. Lewis

Narnia, a land enslaved to eternal winter, where beasts, witches, and mythical creatures roam and where the stage is set for a hair-raising adventure in which Good and Evil make battle.

A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens

This novella has it all from Yuletide themes, unnerving ghosts and a bitter old miser. Dickens’ Christmas tale is responsible for phrases such as “Bah-humbug” and “Scrooge”. No winter-themed book list would be complete without this true classic.

The Nature of Winter

By Jim Crumley

Crumley will take you on a meditative and enchanting journey through the seeming stillness of winter, to reveal the quiet hum of life beating just below the surface.

Winter: An Anthology for the Changing Seasons

By Melissa Harrison

A collection of some of the most beautiful prose and poetry that is collected from a span of nearly seven hundred years, this little tome pays the ultimate homage to this beguiling season.

The Greatest Gift

By Philip Van Doren Stern

This tale begins with an honest family man, George Pratt contemplating suicide one Christmas Eve. Stern’s modern-day parable is an uplifting and heart-warming story. This magical tale inspired “It’s a Wonderful Life” the classic Christmas film.

Little Women

By Louisa May Alcott

This literary classic is a tale of childhood dreams and fast-approaching realities for a group of strong young women. The tale features some cheering Christmas scenes amongst the March Sisters, which makes it the perfect wintery read for a joyous cold occasion.


This Boy

By Alan Johnson

This is a fascinating memoir of politician Alan Johnson’s extraordinary upbringing. He writes beautifully about the adversity he has overcome, in a witty yet inspiring way. Something stimulating to dip your nose into over the winter period.


Written By Arabella Smith
Book Descriptions by Imogen Bovill